I´m Staying in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands tourism campaign for the domestic market this summer is “Yo me quedo”.

nina Yo me quedo

This campaign is an incentive to encourage residents to stay within the Canary Islands for their holidays this year.  The concept of the campaign is very simple and eye catching with the slogan “Yo me quedo” painted over the bellies of a man, woman and child. The archipelago is diverse with something for everyone, so instead of jetting off this year, try island hopping to discover more of the Canary Islands.

chica Yo me quedochico Yo me quedo

Yo me quedo translates to I’m staying, the message will be disseminated for a month prior to the summer across media including television, radio, press and in the streets.

In previous years its been the norm for residents to take advantage of lower flight prices and leave the islands during the peak summer season, timed right one way tickets can be very economical.

Where are you planning your holidays this summer if you live in the Canary Islands?

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