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Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, General Hospital, Arrecife

General Hospital Lanzarote

The main general and emergency hospital in Arrecife is called Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, it is situated on the road leaving Arrecife up the hill to San Bartolomé, when you exit the circunvalacion, pull into the left hand lane past the petrol station and at the roundabout take your first exit, the car park is on the right as you enter the hospital grounds and there is a taxi rank outside. The visiting hours are officially from 13:00 to 21:00, they don't tend to be too strict about it but you may be stopped from accessing the wards outside these times.

Reception is found through the first green sliding door on the front of the building, the second door is for patients and the door on the front left hand corner is the waiting room for families. The hospital will only allow one visitor to the patient whilst being treated in the emergency wards, it is common for the whole family to wait in reception for news, it can be cold and there are toilets and a water machine. Refreshments are available from the cafeteria opposite the main entrance to the hospital.

Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa
Carretera San Bartolomé KM 1'300
35500 Arrecife (Lanzarote)
Telephone: (0034) 928 595 000