High Speed Internet Solution For Lanzarote

Internet can be a problem in Lanzarote. Fibre optic is only just being installed in some areas of the island, so most of us have to put up with the vagaries of copper cabling, and depending on how close you are to the nearest junction box, internet speed can vary from 1 to 8 MBPS, which, for general surfing is fine. But the moment you try to watch online television, or even stream radio whilst surfing media rich websites, it can all go horribly wrong.

I’m delighted to report we’ve come across a solution! A local company has begun to sell 4G routers with unlimited internet contracts. They contacted me and offered for me to try one, and as you can see, the speed is pretty impressive!

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For the first ever, we don’t have to switch off the Wifi on our phones and tablets before we can consider watching television. In fact, we can even stream radio on one room, television in another and both be surfing on Facebook! I was so impressed with the trial, I promptly ordered one, and we’re using it in our office now.

The router uses Movistar’s 4G and LTE cell network, so as long as you are in an area with a decent Movistar signal, and we are, it will achieve the sort of speeds you can see above. But just to be sure, they will loan you a unit to try for yourself, so you’ll know specifically how it will work in your location.

It’s not a cheap service - the monthly payment is €59.99, but if solid, reliable, unlimited internet is important to you, and especially if you want to watch TV without constant buffering, then it’s worth every penny. There’s also no installation required as the system is completely wireless.

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For your trial, contact Kelton via info@freetvlanz.com

Note: This isn’t an advert, the company are not advertising with us, and we didn’t get a “special" deal on our own router. We are just impressed!

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