Hidden Lanzarote, Guatiza to El Mojón

I discovered a road by chance that I hadn’t driven along before and thought this could be the start of a series of articles about the hidden parts of Lanzarote that you don’t see from the main roads.

Guatiza Mojón road 1Guatiza Mojón road 2

The road I took was one from Guatiza, if heading North as you exit the roundabout towards the village of Guatiza you want the first turning left which takes you over a bridge crossing the LZ-1 Arrecife to Órzola road. The reason I took the road was to take a photo looking back at the village of Guatiza and then the corona in front of me and curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see where the road went!

Guatiza cemeteryGuatiza Mojón road 4

I started off and first found the cemetery for Guatiza then we doubled back to face the corona again, the wind farm Parque Eólico was up on my right and there are fantastic views down to the coast of Mala.

Guatiza Mojón road 5Guatiza Mojón green valley

The road climbed up and passed to the side of the corona and reached a green valley where there were a few farmers working on plots of land, there was the occasional pot hole but nothing too bad just uncomfortable if you didn’t drive around it. The road emerged in the tiny village of El Mojón on the outskirts of Teguise, I turned the car around eager to see the views again on the way back down.

Guatiza Mojón landscapeGuatiza El Mojón

This time I stopped on impulse and parked at the corona, there was a track leading up into the centre which I followed. This track petered out into a goat path which was a bit difficult to spot in the new bright green undergrowth. The path was ok going up, its not a steep climb and relatively short, coming down was a bit trickier due to the loose stones underfoot. The views were fabulous from inside the corona and a place I will revisit to walk properly with a picnic in the future.

Guatiza Mojón trackGuatiza mojón path

Guatiza Mojón views to windfarmGuatiza mojón views to the coast

So if you want to discover a hidden part of Lanzarote that you don’t see from the main roads and find a short cut through from Teguise to Guatiza via El Mojón you know where to go!

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