Herbarium in Costa Teguise

Following on from our Gluten Free Shopping Guide last week, we called into Herbarium situated close to Pueblo Marinero in the resort of Costa Teguise, Lanzarote.

Herbarium in Costa TeguiseMax in the entrance of Herbarium

Firstly although the shop has been open for two years, it has new owners, Gill & Max took over the ownership just three weeks ago. The couple are of Italian origin with Swiss citizenship and moved to the Canaries four and a half years ago, first settling in Fuerteventura for three years before island hopping to Lanzarote. Whilst living in Switzerland the couple soon embraced the local culture of protecting the environment, eating healthy food, and learning of natural remedies.

Gluten free drinks in LanzaroteMacrobiotic products in Lanzarote

Gill explained that so many people still buy products full of preservatives, chemical flavours, pesticides, fluor etc without realising the problems that they could be causing their health. The shop is packed full of alternative natural and biological products including the well known brands Solgar & Weleda, if what you’re looking for is not in stock then they can order it in for you within a few days. Browsing the shelves there was lots of the items we’re regularly asked about where you can purchase in Lanzarote such as macrobiotic food, a full range of alternative milks including rice, oat and almond; gluten free flour, rice, pasta, cereals. Additionally you can order biological certified fruits, vegetables, eggs and bread.

The couple are the only health food store in Lanzarote that are offering a discount scheme for regular clients, they have introduced a clients card where each time you purchase goods to the value of 25 Euros or more your card is stamped. When you have 10 stamps you have earned a discount of 10% discount off your purchase.

Herbarium also have a treatment room where a range of therapy sessions including Tibetan and Ayurvedic massage, physical spiritual and mental re-equilibration treatments, singing bowls and gongs sessions and baby massage are offered. Special products such as orgonite pyramids to help against electrosmog and to energize rooms, wellness mats and health showers will be available for sale in the shop too.

Gill & Max would like to invite you to join them in a celebration at the shop on Tuesday the 1st May 2012 at 18:00 to mark the second anniversary and their new ownership, everyone is very welcome.

Herbarium, Avenida Islas Canarias, Marysol local 2, Costa Teguise

Tel: 928 591 705

Email: info@herbariumlanzarote.com

Website: www.herbariumlanzarote.com


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