Health Service in Lanzarote

The health service and healthcare in Lanzarote is excellent. Whilst there is a thriving private medical care system here, we'll focus on the state provided version in this article and cover the private sector in a follow up.

To access the national health service here, you need a social security card or to have a travel form from your country within the European Union.

The health system works on three levels: First, there are the Farmacias (Pharmacies), then we have the Centros de Salud (Doctor's surgeries) and finally the Hospital General (General Hospital).

The pharmacies here are much more empowered than in many other Eurpoean countries - pharmacists can sell drugs which are often on prescription elsewhere. For that reason, most people with minor ailments will visit a pharmacy and buy what is required over the counter, following advice from the pharmacist.

There are doctor's surgeries in most towns and villages and you should register at your local one. As well as providing help and prescriptions when you are ill, they also have comprehensive preventatitve program and will ask you in at least once a year for a series of tests. For example you will be regularly tested for diabetes as the disease is prevalent in The Canary Islands for some reason and nobody knows why.

The top tier in the health service is the Hospital General José Molina in Arrecife. This is a top notch hospital with good facilities, as well as a full accident and emergency centre. Many of the staff speak English, and visiting times are pretty relaxed. Wards are divided into rooms with only two patients per room with a shared en suite bathroom. Televisions are provided and there are plenty of staff, as well as decent meals. For visitors, there's a terrific Cafeteria which provides freshly made, great value food at all hours and the best coffee in Arrecife!

Nobody wants you to be ill in Lanzarote, but if you are, you can rest assured that you will be well looked after.

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