Hawaii of Europe, Surfing in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a few points in common with Hawaii…… there’s the Ironman event, lots of surfing, our laid back relaxed attitude and volcanic activity, which is why the island has earned its reputation as the Hawaii of Europe.


If you’re an experienced surfer and you want to enjoy the biggest swells in Lanzarote you need to be here in September and October, that’s the time of year that we have the most powerful surf, its also common for the wind to drop and September is typically our warmest month – its hard for the locals to concentrate on their work, when the surf is calling!

Where to surf in Lanzarote

Wannasurf map_lanzarotePlaya de FamaraFamara

Famara is ideal for beginners and intermediates, the beach is huge so you won’t find crowding and there is a choice of surf schools based in Caleta de Famara. Beware, there can be strong currents and a rip at Playa de Famara, so take care when in the water, stay within your depth and go out with an instructor if you’re a beginner.

professional surfers & kitesurfers visit Lanzarote regularly for National and International competitions which are normally held at San Juan and the main beach in Famara.

La Santa Coast La Santa

For the more advanced surfers head down the coast to La Santa, there are some heavy swells during the months of October to April, average waves during these months are 8 feet but its not uncommon for a thirty footer! There are six reef breaks around La Santa, you will need to respect the locals as it can be crowded and remember that there is sharp lava rock and sea urchins underneath the surface.

If you’re looking for the big wave experience or a tow in surf then Las Bajas is the one for you, rumoured to be Lanzarote’s Maverick.

Arrieta to Orzola

Surfer Punta MujeresArrieta, Playa La Garita

Orzola, Playa La Canteria

There are some good swells along the coast in the North from Arrieta up to Órzola. Playa La Garita in Arrieta is great for beginners and a popular place to hang out with the tapas bars on hand to chill out and reflect after your surf, heading further up the coast is a rocky reef at Punt Mujeres which is popular for the more experienced locals. Its common to see kite surfers, surfers and windsurfers hanging out on the coast just before the attraction Jameos del Agua, at Órzola the surfers head to Playa La Canteria situated at the foot of the risco.


Wannasurf compiled this chart of 20 places to surf in Lanzarote including beach breaks, sand bars, rocky reefs and graded them from beginners to kamikaze!

The surf’s always up in Lanzarote!

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