Giant Arrow in Lanzarote on Google Earth!

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Does anyone know what to make of this? This arrow is situated in the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches (Femés mountains) close to the black beach at Playa Quemada in Lanzarote. Could it be a crop circle? We've certainly seen some long grass grow on the hills this winter.

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Please leave comments letting us know what you think, especially if you’ve been to have a look!

More information!

According to another local Spanish website who wrote a post about this in Oct 2008 the mysterious sign is over 100m long! They give the central position as N28.90º W13.7477º and it can be found on foot by walking from the coast, look for the barranco of the fig tree and the barranco of a small white house.

Based on this report before the winter, it can’t be a crop circle as there wouldn’t be grass?!

Arrow points to Pyramids

I drew a line on Google Earth from the sun symbol in the middle of the arrow to the Pyramids of Egypt on a hunch. Sure enough, lines right up perfectly.

Erm, Actually no. It doesn't

Actually no. It doesn't line up perfectly. In fact, it's almost a full degree off.

Now that's fine, perhaps, for you and me in highschool. There's not much difference between a triangle with 181 degrees in it.

If, for some reason, the egyptian creators of the pyramids decided that they needed to send a "it's over there" signal to those in the cosmos, then it doesn't suggest much for the intelligence of whomever the pyramids were intended.

If, on the other hand, both the pyramids and the arrow were created by aliens, then... well, they probably need to revisit their abilities to cope with significant figures, because one part in about 200 is pretty crappy accuracy for a civilisation that apparently flashed their way across the universe to draw a giantic arrow on an insgnificant rock of nothing with a only a population of sniveling, barbaric and ignorant desdendents of monkeys.

So no, jonesy, it does not "line up perfectly". In fact it lines up better with the airport in Harvey bay, Australia than it does with the pyramids. We even KNOW how and why the HB airport was built.

Just so I'm clear though - are you making any suggestions about the creators of the arrow/pyramids, or just advertising that your wishful thinking extends to fabricating the relative geometry of random items on the planet's surface?