German Consul Found Shot in Gran Canaria

The German consul, Peter-Christian Haucke, was found shot on the 27th of April in the area of Las Mesas in Gran Canaria.

Peter-Christian Haucke

A security service became aware of a BMW car parked in Las Mesas with diplomatic license plates. When they investigated further they discovered a body nearby and called the police. The police officers confirmed that the person was dead and the body was that of the consul Peter-Christian Haucke.The investigations of the Policia Nacional (National Police) have led to the presumption that the German consul took his own life with a shotgun.

The following R.I.P. message is displayed on the Deutsches Konsulat website


Members of the diplomatic corps in Las Palmas and the German community in the Canary Islands are deeply shocked. Peter-Christian Haucke has been the consul in Gran Canaria since 2007. He was supposed to complete his service in the Canary Islands and return to Germany in a few months time during the summer 2011.

Source: Radio Europa

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