Free WiFi At The Visitor Centres In Lanzarote

Vice President of the Cabildo de Lanzarote and Minister of Tourism Ástrid Pérez has announced that the CACT visitor centres will offer free WiFi for visitors from this week.

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These “Zonas WiFi Inteligentes" smart WiFi zones will allow any user of a smartphone, WiFi laptop and tablet to connect not just to the internet but also local information based on their geo location. The CACT centres include Jameos del Agua, Cueva de los Verdes, Mirador del Río, Montañas del Fuego, Monumento al Campesino, Jardín de Cactus and Miac Castillo de San José.

This is a pioneering project in the Canaries and re-iterates that the island of Lanzarote is a high quality tourist destination.

The Chamber of Commerce in Lanzarote released information of the plan to make Lanzarote a WiFi zone back in May working in conjunction with GOWEX.

Gowex will be offering two WiFi options, the first is a free service with a speed of 512 kb, the second is a premium service that costs €8 per month for umlimited access and a speed of 3 kbps.

We’re really pleased to see that this project has started and hope that it continues to extend coverage across the island.

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