Free WiFi Teguise

The Ayuntamiento of Teguise have taken the first steps in converting zones within the municipality to offer a free WiFi service.

WiFi Teguise

Free WiFi is now available for public use in the Plaza de la Constitución in the historic old capital of La Villa de Teguise and on the beach Playa Las Cucharas in the holiday resort of Costa Teguise.

Simply look for the signal through your device when you’re in the vicinity of these areas, enter the data requested and you will be able to connect to the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The access is free and without any time restrictions, there are filters in place to stop any fraudulent use of the network.

Other connection points include the library and town hall building in Teguise as well as the Pirate Museum.

The ultimate goal is to continue to keep adding new connections so that eventually there will be a free WiFi signal covering the whole of the municipality of Teguise.  The challenge has been to prove global coverage without increasing the infrastructure or impacting the environment, so  low power devices that can withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions were selected.

We love this idea and hope that other councils on the island follow the initiative shown by the CACT Centres, Ayuntamiento San Bartolomé & Teguise to offer a free WiFi service for residents & tourists to access the internet.

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