Fishing Regulations Update

The Cabildo of Lanzarote have issued a new protocol following the discovery of two Ciguatoxin poisoning cases on the island  this year.

In today’s press release they inform all fishermen that the following species are to be released back into the sea when they exceed the following weights to avoid poisoning:

Medregales 15 kg Medregales (amberjack)

30 kg Peto

12 Kg Pejerrey

12 kg Abade

29 kg Mero (grouper)

150 kg Picudo

10 kg Sierra

150 kg Pez espada (swordfish)


The ruling applies to both sports and hobby fishermen too, if any of these species are caught when deep sea fishing then they must be released immediately.

Mónica Álvarez the Consejera de Medio Ambiente y Pesca explained that ciguatera poisoning is mainly caused by the consumption of fish caught illegally that don’t pass through the control checks in place. The Minister for the Environment and Fisheries also mentioned the new collaboration with the marine division of the Guardia Civil who started a campaign against fish poachers in early March.

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