Fishermen Lost At Sea

Two fishermen were reported missing in Lanzarote at the weekend when they failed to return to Arrecife after a fishing trip to Puerto del Carmen.

Fishing boats in Arrecife

Manuel Gutiérrez and Ramón Hernández are old friends who have spent a lifetime at sea, they went fishing at 4pm on Saturday in a boat called Popeye and had contacted their family to say they were heading back at 9.30pm as the weather was getting bad. When the boat did not return the emergency services were notified with more than 100 people joining the search and rescue over Sunday and Monday. The search covered the coastal area from Los Ancones in Costa Teguise to the Fariones in Puerto del Carmen, sadly the 8m fishing boat El Popeye was found at a depth of 30m in the area known as Punta de la Lagarta in Arrecife around midday on Monday.

A special Guardia Civil team Grupo de Rescate Subacuático de la Guardia Civil (GEAS) were brought in from Gran Canaria, who despatched divers down to look for the fishermen and confirm the identity of the boat. The missing men weren’t found but the boat is definitely the Popeye. The boat had been anchored in that spot, it is believed that the men decided to wait for an improvement in the rough seas before entering the harbour.

Ramón’s dog was found at the Escuela de Pesca at 2am on Sunday morning, at first it was thought the dog had not gone fishing with the men but the surveillance cameras at the school showed the dog boarding the boat that afternoon.

The search for Manuel and Ramón continues this morning.