The Fat One - El Gordo

The ultimate in lottery takes place this morning, El Gordo known as The Fat One will start to be drawn from 8:30am this morning. Each ticket is preprinted and has an allocated number, there is a flurry of sales as the tickets are released with families, companies, groups and even villages clubbing together to buy lucky numbers, the tickets are €200 each but are split into decimos so you can purchase a tenth of the number for €20. This is the biggest lottery in the world and the prizes are paid immediately tax free. Children from St. Ildefonso's school extract the balls from the bowl and the numbers are sang out live on TV - people will stop in the street and watch through the shop windows, pause in bars to catch up on the numbers drawn or you can check online at El Gordo is finished when all the balls have been drawn. It is normal to at least get your ticket money back if not a much larger prize, each Spaniard spends an average of €90 on tickets for El Gordo, the ticket sales raised around €3.315 million euros with the value of the prize pot at 70% of sales is estimated to be €2.201 million euros!!