Exhibition: Callejones de Arrecife by Luis Carballo

There is a new paintings exhibition by Luis Carballo Calero in the Ermita de San Antonio in Tías.


It's called "Callejones de Arrecife", "callejón" being the Spanish for alleyway. I decided to check it out, having missed last week's inauguration.

The artist is originally from Tenerife and is self-taught. His specialty is portraits, a sample of which are also shown alongside some nudes, some religious scenes, landscapes, still lifes and even some scenes from his own island, and of course, the scenes from our capital that give the name to the exhibition. I don't know Arrecife too well, but I even recognize a couple of spots.

His technique is quite unique, as he doesn't use brushes but palette knifes to paint, giving his works a very impressionist look. One of my favourites is a series of fours small paintings with only a bench and four trees during the four seasons – simple, yet very poetic!

He is a pleasant chap to talk to (the exhibition is manned by the artist himself!) and his work varied enough that surely you are bound to find something that appeals to you. Pop in a have a look, it's a nice way to step away from the heat that we are having these days.

The exhibition will be shown until the 3rd of August from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2pm.

You can see the photos of the opening here Callejones de Arrecife Inauguration and have a glimpse of his paintings - some of them in this exhibition!- on the artists Facebook page Luis Carballo Calero.

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