Drinking Water From Your Tap In Lanzarote

The water here in Lanzarote comes from a desalination plant, so its basically filtered sea water. In almost all cases, the water is then stored in an Aljibe, or well, in your house or apartment complex, before being delivered to your taps via an electric pump.

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You can imagine why everyone drinks bottled water, which is generally pretty cheap here!

But there is a huge downside to it – the stuff is heavy! Even for a couple, you’ll probably need 25 litres a week, and that means lugging five large bottles into the car, out again, and into your home, and then often struggling with where to keep it. And even when you’ve drunk it, you’ll have to take the empties to a recycling bin.

Most people soon tire of it, and arrange to have a filter installed. We’ve had ours from Agua Clara for many years now – we never have to buy water, or dispose of empties, and our drinking water and teas and coffees taste fabulous and come straight from the kitchen tap.

Ray from Agua Clara imports Doulton filters, which are the best you can buy, and the system he fits uses a paper pre filter and a ceramic main filter, which are changed at regular intervals.

It’s one of the simplest home improvements we’ve ever made – Ray did all the initial fitting, he tells us when we need new filters, and we just drink it!

And finally, here’s the even better news. I said at the top that bottled water is cheap here, and it is. But filtered water is even cheaper, working out at around 3 cents per litre!

Anything that saves time, money and hassle is a winner in my book!

You can find out more about the filters and contact Ray through his website: Agua Clara Lanzarote

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