Disabled Access in Lanzarote

We’ve received a few requests for information regarding places to visit with good disabled access in Lanzarote.

wheelchair friendly lanzarote We’ve now added a page to our website called Lanzarote Accessibility. Please, if you are in a wheelchair or someone in your family / friend is and you live or visit the island of Lanzarote, we’d like to hear from you.

We are looking for recommendations for great places around Lanzarote that are wheelchair friendly, we want to know……

Which beach has the best access?

Which restaurant has the best layout and toilet facilities for a wheelchair user?

What taxi service offers a ride on service?

Which accommodation has adapted bathrooms?

What’s the best resort to wheel around?

Where / what else would you recommend to other wheelchair users?

Please either use the comment section on the new page Lanzarote Accessibility or email jules@lanzaroteinformation.com with your recommendations for the best access in Lanzarote.

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