Desenvuelta - The new way of shopping... the old fashioned way!

"Desenvuelta" means unwrapped and essentially this shop in Lanzarote, sells a selection of products "a granel" or unpacked.

DesenvueltaDesenvuelta Window Display

I had heard about this shop opening in Arrecife towards the end of last year and I thought it was an interesting concept, but I wasn't too sure how it worked. So I finally decided to check it out.

Desenvuelta tara on containersDesenvuelta coffee

Basically you can either bring your own containers (I knew all those take away containers, that I had been saving would be put to good use... eventually!) or they can be supplied at the shop. The containers get weighed at the counter, their tara (weight) is printed on a sticker and then you go around the shop filling them up. When you are finished it all gets tallied at the counter, you pay (cash only) and off you go.

Desenvuelta Interior 1Desenvuelta Interior 2Desenvuelta Interior 3

The benefits of this way of shopping are many: not only we reduce the amount of plastic involved in your everyday shopping and reuse the plastic and/or glass that is inevitable,  but also you end up saving space in your kitchen and only buying the amount that you need.

The products on offer at the moment include:

- Ecological detergents

- Sweets and sugar

- Flour, some of them gluten-free

- Rice, pasta, quinoa

- Pulses: lentils, chickpeas, beans, butterbeans...

- Dried fruits and nuts

- Dehydrated vegetables, creams and soups: onions, garlic, tomato, gazpacho, mushrooms, etc

- Spices

- Tea and coffee

- Homemade liqueurs, craft beer and water, some of which come in refundable bottles

to name a few.

This selection keeps growing and changing, as "Desenvuelta" constantly tries to source new suppliers and  products depending on demand. For example they expect to be offering cat & dog unpacked dry food very soon,  a cute little pet corner has already been saved especially for this. So if there is something you would like to buy, that they don't have yet... please let them know!

Desenvuelta pet cornerDesenvuelta dispensers

And if you have any questions, ask the staff, they are very pleasant and very helpful.

Also, they organise chats and workshops on healthy eating habits and they are negotiating being a pick up point for fresh fruits and vegetables delivered straight from the farm.

Desenvuelta waterDesenvuelta liquids

So if any of this is of your interest, bookmark their Facebook page if you want to be informed with their latest news.

The "Desenvuelta" shop is the first of its kind that I know off in Lanzarote, hopefully the first of many. This shop has moved location since we wrote this article, you can now find them in San Bartolomé on the Arrecife-Tinajo Road, across from the Instituto.

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