Corpus Christi, Salt Carpets, 14th June 2009

Although Corpus Christi is no longer a fiesta in Lanzarote, it is a tradition that continues and can be seen around the island. One of the best places to see these colourful ‘alfombras de sal’ (salt carpets) is in the small streets surrounding the church San Ginés behind the Ayuntamiento in Arrecife. The locals will work out in advance what their design will be and use the vibrantly coloured sea salt to create the picture.

DSCF0873  DSCF0865

DSCF0874  DSCF0872

These pictures were taken in Haría, there was a lovely atmosphere with the young and the old working together and incorporating groups from the schools, church and residents from the municipality.

DSCF0861  DSCF0866

DSCF0862  DSCF0868

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Corpus Christi is a religious festival celebrated around the world, the tradition is to create pictures of religious themes from flowers but as this was difficult in Lanzarote, the locals used a different commodity they had access to – sea salt from the salinas.

On the fiesta day (Thursday 11th June) the residents attend mass in their local church to honour the Last Supper, the carpets are normally created on the following Saturday.

Why not plan a visit to the Haría market on Saturday 13th June which is open from 10am to 1pm and you should be able to see the creation of the salt carpets at the same time.