Castillo San José, Lanzarote

Arrecife has two castles on the waterfront, the Castillo San José sits overlooking Puerto Naos.

Castillo San José

This castle was built between 1776 and 1779 as ordered by King Don Carlos III. It was positioned at the port to look out for pirates and known locally as the ‘Fortress of Hunger’, because the construction helped to provide employment and alleviate hunger for the Conejeros, who were struggling against thirst, hunger and disease following the six years of volcanic eruptions.

The castle was restored in the 1970’s, there are two main galleries and some smaller rooms that house sculptures. The castle also has a restaurant which looks out to sea. The castle has been home to the International Museum of Contemporary Art (MIAC) since 1974 and includes modern artwork from leading Canarian artists such as Millares, Lasso and of course César Manrique.

Baltasar Lobo  Baltasar Lobo – Grand nu Allangé - 1959

Homoclaos Juan Antonio Giraldo – Homodaos - 1974

Amador Amador A Rodríguez - Doble Cubo Apaisado - 1978

The museum is open every day from 11am to 9pm, admission costs €2.50.

If you’re planning to visit three or more of Lanzarote’s Visitor Centres during your holiday, buy the Discounted Entry Tickets in advance which are valid for 2 weeks.

The Qué Muac café/bar & restaurant at the Castillo de San José is accessed by a path to the left of the entrance.

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