Buy Lanzarote Produce Online

A new website is currently in development for Lanzarote which will allow users to purchase local produce and farm animals online.


Merca Lanzarote will be a virtual marketplace for agricultural products and livestock, this project has been organised by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock at the Cabildo of Lanzarote in collaboration with Servicio Canario de Empleo. The website will give local growers and farmers a platform to market their produce to the end user in Lanzarote and follows a study to research the willingness of users to purchase via the internet.

During the survey 800 people were selected across the municipalities of Lanzarote, results indicated that nearly 68% of the population want to know the origin of the products they purchase.

The website also aims to improve communication between the farmers, growers and consumers and improve competitiveness.

Good news for all of us who like to buy the local produce although I’ll still enjoy a visit to the farmer’s markets too.