British Television in Lanzarote

As I write this, many of the channels previously available here via Sky are disappearing, including BBC and ITV channels. This is because Sky’s agreement does not allow them to broadcast here.


We started looking at alternatives for British and Irish readers who live on the island or visit regularly, and we’ve found a good option for people. Did you know you can watch live TV, or download whole programs from BBC, ITV and Channel four, all on your computer? And that it’s simple to run a lead from your PC or laptop to your television so you can view them in widescreen?

The problem in the past has always been that the sites recognize that you are in Spain, and block the program element. The solution is to use a VPN, or virtual private network, like the one provided by My Private Network. Basically, by joining their network in the UK, any website you visit will be fooled into thinking you are actually in the UK.

For a subscription of 5 pounds a month, MPN will provide you with a high speed connection to their servers and you’ll never have to miss another episode of your favorite programs like Coronation Street, Top Gear, Dragon’s Den, or great sporting events like Grand Prix, football matches and so on. The BBC site even allows you to download whole programs, so you can take your laptop to bed and catch up with what’s been on!

We've been using My Private Network to watch TV online for more than two years, and we highly recommend their service.

For more information and to see how easy it is to set up, head over to the My Private Network website now.

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