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I found out this week that you can’t just turn up with your camping gear and pitch your tent on the beach in La Graciosa any more, you have to book in advance.


The campsite is still free, the bookings are now organised by the National Parks. To reserve your pitch please visit the website Online Booking Office - Natural Parks which is available in English. Select the option for Isla de La Graciosa, there is an option for camping and another one for a guided walk to Montaña Amarilla.

The website explains that camping with tents is available at the Playa del Salado with a limit of 200 people staying over any one night.

Select the bookings button, each day shows the number of places available, you need to enter the number of nights you want to stay and the number of people in your party.


To reserve your place, you need to give your name, DNI / passport, telephone, address and your age.

As we’ve found out with the loss of the campsite at San Juan this year, Costas have strict regulations to protect the natural habitat, marine and wildlife. The reservation is now required so that you are responsible if any rubbish is left or damage caused. Barbecues and fires are prohibited.

It’s a shame in some ways that the rules are necessary as it takes some of the spontaneity away slightly but I can understand the need for conservation and realise that this must stem from others abusing the facilities here. It’s much better to have the campsite open than lose the chance to camp out on the beach over night with toilet and showers close by.

Once you’ve made your reservation, please print out the confirmation and take this with you in case you are asked to show it when you arrive or during your stay.

Update 2013
Campsite extended for another year

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