Being a British Teeenager in Lanzarote

Lucy is a friend who wrote this article about adapting to life in Lanzarote, when she came to the island eight years ago, aged 8:
Do you like living here? Do you miss England? Where do you prefer? Was it hard moving here? These are some of the most common questions I get asked when people meet me as an English teenager living in Lanzarote.
My names Lucy and I am fifteen. I moved to Lanzarote nearly 8 years ago and I love it here. I have lived all over the island over the years, but, we have finally settled in the quaint town of Haría. First we lived in Puerto Del Carmen and I went to the Colegio Hispano Britántico where there were wonderful teachers such as Colette, Betty, Patrick, Roy, etc. They were all so nice and taught me so much so I was sad to leave there a year or so later after I decided to do the brave thing of starting in a Spanish school. From there we moved to Arrecife and I discovered that living in a big city for the first time is not easy. It’s ironic really because it’s my favourite place to be on the island now and I am always down there with my friends but at the time it terrified me! So after a year we moved once more, this time taking the big leap from Arrecife to Punta Mujeres, a small fishing village in the north of the island. There I made lots of friends and picked up Spanish very quickly. After the summer I started at Haría Spanish school, I laugh about it now but I remember being petrified on my first day and begging my dad not to leave me there! I soon found out it wasn’t that bad and I started to fit in and now nobody realizes that I am English!
I also get asked what I miss from England a lot. The answer is clothes shopping, some food, snow and my family.
But I exchanged snow for sun, Morrison’s for tapas, Next for Zara and love it! I mean really, not many English girls my age can say I go swimming all year round and dont get frost bite can they?!
Really, I can honestly say I love living in Lanzarote, the parties, the festivals, carnival...It’s my home!