Basic Spanish

The Spanish language on the Canaries has differences to mainland Spain. The pronunciation is lazy and when the c is usually a th sound, it is a c here. For example the number 5 is cinco, in mainland Spain it is pronounced thinco but in the Canaries it is cinco. The Spanish language is phonetic so you actually say every letter as it appears, you may find it easier to learn the sounds of the alphabet before actual words.

Spanish English Pronounced

Hola Hello Ola
Hasta Luego See you later Asta looego
Ciao / adios Bye Chow / addheos
Por favor Please Poor favoor
Gracias Thank you Grassyass

Soy Ingles I am English Soy Ingles
Es possible ablar en Is it possible to Es possiblea ablar en
Ingles por favour? Speak in English please? ingles poor favoor?
Puede ayudarme? Can you help me? Pwede aiyudarmee?

Tiene? Do you have? Teeany?
Cuanto? How much? Quanto?
Queria? I'd like? Queria?
Sabe donde esta? Do you know where? Saby donde esta


Lleno por favour Fill it up please Yeno poor favoor
Gasolina sin plomo Unleaded petrol Gasolena sin plomo

Tiene algo para Have you something for Tiene algo para
Socorro Help Socorro
Mi hiji esta enfermo My child is ill Me hehe esta enfermo

More Local Lingo

doh arra por fa - dos jarras por favour - two large beers please
bon dia - buenos dias - good day greeting
k tal - que tal - how are you
gwagwa - guagua - canarian word for bus

I'd like to apply for political assylum and stay

quisiera solicitar assylum político y permanecer en su país hermoso - lol...

its a thought!!! :-)

watch the headlines on tv next week when I arrive and then they have to drag me to the plane back home....

too young to retire - to old to be a college dropout