Barbra's New Year's Resolutions

I thought it was time to make some resolutions for the New Year in Lanzarote.


  1. I promise not to stare at people’s sunburn or shake my head and tut as they pass me with their red shoulders and noses. Please, holiday makers! Remember that the Lanzarote sun is hot and you need a powerful sun protection here!
  2. I resolve to walk more often and spend more time walking at a brisk pace rather than the gentle stroll we have perfected. A bit more exercise is certainly called for after the excesses of Christmas.
  3. I will refrain from making sarcastic comments when yet another family with school-aged kids appears on holiday when the children should be at school. As an ex-teacher, I’m allowed to have this as a gripe but it’s actually the fault of holiday companies and airlines, which make a fortune out of inflated rates during the school holidays.
  4. I won’t boast when people ask ‘how long are you here for?’ I will just reply that we live here – always - and watch their envious faces!!!
  5. I resolve not to post messages on Facebook telling my friends and family what the temperature is here. I should have learned by now that it upsets them when I’m explaining that it may be January but it’s 30 degrees on my terrace.
  6. I promise to buy a strange fruit or vegetable at least once a month and give it a try. We are quite adventurous but I need to be braver. This is how I discovered the wonderful kaki fruits which I love.
  7. I resolve to get to know all the euro notes and coins so I don’t have to hold up a queue while I examine the coins in my hand. You’d think I would know them all by now but I don’t.
  8. I will make sure I practise my Spanish more regularly and try and work out, once and for all, the difference between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ and when to use ‘por’ and when it should be ‘para’. I’m sure there is some logic to it but it has so far escaped me.
  9. I will make sure I look the correct way when I cross the road – i.e. to look left first. Years of conditioning take some time to overcome!
  10. Finally I promise not to shriek when I see a cockroach the size of a small horse in our garden shed – again!! (Sorry, neighbours!)

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