Arrecife En Vivo 2016

The fourth edition of the Music Festival Arrecife En Vivo will take place on the next four Fridays in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

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Arrecife En Vivo is a great live music festival and has won the price of “Best Spanish small festival” in the last Iberian Festival Awards in Lisbon. All concerts are free and great fun is guaranteed! 

The idea: Every friday four different bands play on four different stages in Arrecife.Concerts start at 18:00, 19:30, 21:00 and 22:30 h.The audience follows the music around the capital from stage to stage accompanied by a walking band that plays some funny tunes and animates the audience. 

The music will be mostly Rock and Roll with local bands, bands from other islands, mainland spain and also from Iceland and France. The concerts are free, no tickets required, just join in from 6pm onwards and enjoy the atmosphere.

Friday 23rd September 2016

CHOCOLATE SEXY, 18:00 -19:00, Playa El Reducto

GALIOT, 19:30 - 20:30, Bar Asturias

LOS VINAGRES., 21:00 - 22:00, Charco San Ginés

FM BELFAST (Iceland) & DJ LUCA DE TENA & DJ ZE PEQUEÑO 22:30, Marina Lanzarote 

Walking Band:  WOMAN BATUCA. 

CHOCOLATE SEXY: Chocolate Sexy is a project that comes from the experience of prominent members within the “Majorera” hip hop culture. Spicy lyrics bathed in Canary lexicon and witty verse that aim to make people dance and think at the same time.

GALIOT: Veteran heavy metal band with an extensive tour of scenarios islandwide. They are presenting a live performance loaded with guitars and melodies accompanied by a highly recommended stage performance.

LOS VINAGRES: Los Vinagres and their volcanic rock distill pure energy with an overwhelming live show. With the influence of international rock, this palmero threesome, have a young but solid upward trajectory.

FM BELFAST: Electro -pop native from Reykjavik, uninhibited voices and electroides dalliances in a danceable and fun proposal that has already made FM Belfast on one of the main representatives of the Icelandic scene.

DJ LUCA DE TENA: Luca de Tena a.k.a. Dj.surfer is a DJ and producer based in Lanzarote. He has DJing in Germany, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid and has several references from national and international labels.

DJ ZE PEQUEÑO: Ze Pequeño is the alias for Adriel Perdomo as a disc jockey; pop, rock and electronic in equal parts , mixing modern with classics from the alternative music scene.

WOMAN BATUCA: The only female "batucada" in  the  Canary  Islands, founded in 2007. It consists of 22 components ranging from 12 to 60 years old. Rhythm and color are not lacking in their performances.

Arrecife en Vivo Walking band

Friday 30th September 2016

LOS DELGÁS,  18:00 - 19:00, Charco San Ginés

TEXXCOCO, 19:30 - 20:30, La Plazuela

SEXY ZEBRAS., 21:00 - 22:00, El Almacen

GRISES, 22:30, Playa El Reducto 

Walking Band:  ROCKALEAN 

LOS DELGÁS: Losdelgas led by Gorka Aguinagalde (policeman of Airbag (film, 1997), actor who plays Dr. Intxaustegui in the series Down there (2015), saxophonist of the band who plays on the program " Late Motiv” by Andreu Buenafuente. With ironic and mocking lyrics they continue to delight young and old.

TEXXCOCO: A garage rock band originally from Las Palmas and settled in Madrid. Garage Subtropical includes varied influences, the most notable are those from punk, grunge, psychedelic and progressive rock. With a resounding and brilliant live performance loaded with adrenaline.

SEXY ZEBRAS: Hello, we are the fucking Sexy Zebras, a declaration of intent with a unique sound and an attitude not yet seen in Spain. Defined by the Spanish National Radio (RNE3): " At last rock without saccharin, uncompromising , no-nonsense , an explosive cocktail of attitude and especially songs than go straight to your stomach.

GRISES: Grey, but quite colorful. So is their sound. Their music becomes bright and their themes are like pills of elegant and sophisticated electro-pop, which maintain their contagious optimism that characterizes them with much more electronic freedom.

ROCKALEAN: Can you imagine a rock band that can play anywhere in your city, without having to be subjected to the place where the battery, amplifiers and others are assembled ?That's Rockalean.

PORTADA FACE promocion

Friday 7th October 2016

LOS EMBAJADORES, 18:00, El Almacen

LOS TIKI PHANTOMS, 19:30 - 20:30, La Plazuela

CUMBIA EBRIA, 21:00 - 22:00, Charco San Ginés

THE EXCITEMENTS, 22:30, Charco San Ginés 

Walking Band:  101 BRASS BRAND 

LOS EMBAJADORES: Los Embajadores hacen pop vibrante, contundente y caleidoscópico, con contenido comunicativo lírico y surrealista. Se declaran discípulos de Chuck Berry, The Soft Boys, Patrullero, Mancuso, Devo, The Feelies, Vainica Doble, Alex Chilton y Talking Heads.

LOS TIKI PHANTOMS: Drums echo in the jungle and the great Kilahuea volcano spits lava and clouds of smoke as ever. Finally the stars have aligned and the great Tiki God has given consent for us to enjoy again the funniest and more danceable quartette of skulls that ever stepped on stage.

CUMBIA EBRIA: Cumbia   Ebria   celebrate   10   years   of   turning   into   one   of   the   most significant bands of the music scene in Lanzarote. A decade in which they have toured around numerous scenarios their Latin funk, their unblushing rock and  their   danceable  and  contagious “raggamufin”  .  License to dance!

THE EXCITEMENTS: This Catalan band quenches our thirst with rhythm and soul of high voltage. As a steamroller, the rhythm section is the powerful structure over roaring guitars, yowling metals and where Koko´s voice and the claw of her hypnotic movements prevail.

101 BRASS BRAND:101 Brass feeds themselves from Balkan, South American and American brass bands; 11 top musicians that often collaborate with internationally recognized groups, make up this interesting project.

Theexcitements 01

Friday 14th October 2016

MATERIAL DE CONTRABANDO, 18:00, Charco San Ginés

GUINEO COLECTIVO, 19:30 - 20:30, Plaza de San Ginés

MAMBO JAMBO, 21:00 - 22:00, Bar Asturias (oposite Gran Hotel)

RINÔCÉRÔSE & WEARENOTDJ´S, 22:30, Marina Lanzarote 

Walking Band:  BRASSTUKADA 

MATERIAL DE CONTRABANDO: Miscegenation, Hip-Hop and Canarian accent are their credentials. Cuban and Senegalese percussion, Romanian violins, Latin brass and a rhythmic base with Canarian voices; a mixer rotating from one side of the world to the other in a key of rap.

GUINEO COLLECTIVE: Crossroads between continents. Africa, Latin America, Europe and cultural diversity, which at the same time exists within each of them, inspire the band to create music with a view focusing from all corners of the archipelago.

MAMBO JAMBO: The Mambo Jambo instrumental band is the creator of “Sound Jambofónico”, a wild mix of rock & roll, rhythm & blues , surf and swing performed under a contemporary perspective.

RINÔCÉRÔSE: As a comet tracing their way through space " Rinôçérôse " has a galactic halo. Once you try their music you can not take it away from your head as it becomes part of you, part of a unique cognitive experience.

WEARENOTDJ´S: Their live shows are a musical conglomerate composed by an unlimited palette of styles; an endless base of songs that subvert and transform. They throw chemistry on stage and transform this amalgam of sound in a new compact, powerful and explosive mixture in which the binder is always dancing and fun.

BRASSTUKADA: Small batucada and group of brass instruments, with the virtues of both. They takes us to Brazil, to New York, to the dance floors anddiscos to dance and sing on the streets.