Arrecife Carnaval 2017

Finally, we have it, the carnival programme for Lanzarote’s capital of Arrecife, which starts on Saturday and has the theme of Tribes of the World.

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The grand parade is at 18:00 on Monday 27th February, followed by the burial of the sardine parade on Wednesday 1st March 2017. Here’s the full programme…..

Saturday 18th February

11.00 h. Exhibition “Carnaval" by Asociación el “Perro Flaco" at Sociedad Democracia.
17.00 h. Carnival Annoucement by “Los Amigos del Carnaval" with the participation of Batucada Villa Pipol and departure from Puente de las Bolas until Charco de San Ginés.
21.30 h. Drag Queen Gala with “Amor Romeira" as MC and the performance of singer Yurena Around The World, at the Recinto Ferial.

Sunday 19th February

17.00 h. III Children's Murgas Contest with the performaces of Murga Los Bambones, Comparsa Cumbacheros and the participating murgas: Retoñitos, Chau Chau, Guacimetitos, Gorfinijos, Noveleros and Intoxicaditos. At Recinto Ferial.

Monday 20th February

16.30 h. Children's activities at the Parque Ramírez Cerdá.
18.00 h. Carnival Zumba Master Class with live music at Parque Islas Canarias.

Tuesday 21st February

21.00 h. 1st Round of the XXIX Adult's Murgas Contest, at Recinto Ferial, with the participationg of Tabletuos, Pijoletas, Revoltosas, Rebuscadas and Desahuciados.
Wednesday 22nd February10.30 h. Schools Carnival with students parade. Departure from Ginory, passing by the Avenida Vargas, León y Castillo finishing up at Cine Atlántida.
21.00 h. 2nd Round of the XXIX Adult's Murgas Contest, at Recinto Ferial, with the participation of Desperdigaos, Titi Roys, Vacilonas and Inadaptadas with the performance from comedians Kike Pérez and Aarón Gómez.

Thursday 23rd February

18.00 h. Traditional Carnaval. Parade with giants and cabezudos, departing from Las Cuatro Esquinas, Calle Real until La Plazuela with the participation of Los Buches, Los Diabletes de Teguise and Charanga Los Gruñones.
21.00 h. Exhibition of comparsas at Recinto Ferial with the participation of Sur Caliente, Yaiseros and Cumbacheros and the performance of “Morocho".

Friday 24th February

21.00 h. Grand Finale of the XXIX Adult's Murgas Contest, at Recinto Ferial, with the participation of the finalists and the performance of La Chirigota “La Aguja de Oro".

Saturday 25th February

12.00 h. Batucadas and Comparsas Parade, departing from Las Cuatro Esquinas , passing by Calle Real until Parque Islas Canarias.
13.30 h. "Carnaval Porteño" and Tapas Fair at Parque Islas Canarias and Parque Ramírez Cerdá with inflatables, children's games and performances by Los Conejeros, Última Llave, Henry Méndez, Lucrecia y Alejo Stivel, Tio Matt, Orquesta Platino y Maxi Ferrer.
17.00 h. III Masked Ball for the elderly at Arrecife's Centro Cívico.

Sunday 26th February

17.30 h. Children's Carnival Party. Children's Carnival Queen Contest and Fancy Dress Contest (individual, in pairs and groups) with the performance of Comparsa Sur Caliente Junior.

Monday 27th February

18.00 h. Grand Parade of carrozas, murgas, comparsas, batucadas and mascaritas, departing from Ciudad Deportiva, Vía Medular until Recinto Ferial.

Tuesday 28th February

17.30 h. Children's Carnimal (Carnavalito) with the Musical “Príncipe Hamlet" at the Carpa of Recinto Ferial with workshops and inflatables.

Wednesday 1st March

18.00 h. Sardine's Funeral, departing from the Townhall until Parque Marítimo, with the participation of murgas, comparsas, batucadas, the winning carrozas ganadoras and grieving mascaritas. Follow by Carnival 2017's Sandine's Burning.

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Also, there are all these MASKED BALLS scheduled in different venues :

Friday 24th February

At El Almacén: Dj. Furre and Naiyimbe

Saturday 25th February

In front of the Casino Carnaval Porteño: Última Llave, Los Conejeros, Henry Méndez, Lucrecia, Alejo Stivel and Dj. Furre.Tapas Fair: Tio Matt, Orquesta Platino and Maxi Ferrer.And El Almacén: Kimera and Kódigo 10.

Monday 27th February

In front of the Casino: Kódigo 10 and Otra Clave.El Almacén: Los Conejeros, DJ and Suso y Familia.

Wednesday 1st March

El Almacén: Naiyimbe and Nueva Stella.