Are You A Lanzarote Expert?

We book people’s holidays to Lanzarote every day of the week, and it gives us a lot of insight into the people who come to visit the island. One surprising thing is how many of you come back time and time again, sometimes several times a year.

We call you our “Lanzarote experts."

We thought we’d take a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at what sets our experts apart from our occasional visitors.

Are you a Lanzarote Expert?

Do you ignore the guy beckoning you to park in the first car park at Teguise market to save yourself a long walk?

Teguise Market General

Do you order cañas (halves) not jarras (pints) of beer because you know pints get warm too quickly in our hot weather?


Do you know that steaks are generally cooked more rare here, so a medio hecho (medium) is like a rare at home, and a bien hecho (well done) is like a medium?


Do you buy your duty free in resort, rather than at the airport, so you save a packet?

Fund Grube Playa Blanca_2

Do you go for the shaded table in the restaurant, rather than trying to eat in the full sun?

C C Playa de Teguise day_2

Do you book an airport car hire or take a taxi, so you arrive at your accommodation before the main crowd?


Can say hello and good-bye and can ask for your bill in Spanish?


What’s your score?

0-3 You need to come here more often!

4-6 Not bad, you’re a Lanzarote Lover all right!

7-8 You’re a Lanzarote expert! Wear your badge with pride!

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