Anti Brexit March In Lanzarote

Reader Wayne Smith has organised an Anti Brexit march in Lanzarote, to coincide with the planned march in London, on Saturday 25th March.


The event starts at 1100 outside Hotel San Antonio, and will proceed towards Centro Atlantico along The Strip.

Wayne told us:

"There seems to be a lot of Brexit apathy over here, I have decided to organise this march with a couple of points in mind.

I want to show the lovley people of my host island that our current government is totally indifferent to a massive 48% of the UK and some of us do care.

I would also wish my fellow Brits to take a more proactive role, we are all affected by this debacle. We still have two years before the dreaded day, and thats a very long time in politics. We still have to fight against this injustice. It's never too late."