Along the coastal path at Playa Blanca

Every week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, there are 2 markets in Marina Rubicón, Playa Blanca. There are always lots of great stalls and it’s very popular with residents and tourists.

Living statuesBlue Fairy

We’ve noticed that there are also stalls and street theatre all along the coastal path between the Marina and the town beach in Playa Blanca. I decided to take my camera and capture the characters you can see on the walk.

Jewellery stallBrooches for sale

We were welcomed to the Marina by a blue fairy! We’ve seen her before in the market doing balloon animals but this time she was just being a fairy. There are always a couple of jewellery stalls and an artist who displays oil paintings of local views.

Minnie MouseJewellery seller

There’s often a living statue but on this occasion there were two together. We also saw a man playing the mouth organ. He can often be seen in the local restaurants too. On this occasion, there was also a very pretty girl selling brooches and (for some reason) a woman dressed as Minnie Mouse!

local artistMan playing mouth organ

All this free entertainment and that’s before you reach the market! Look out for some real characters along Playa Blanca’s coastal path.

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