Above Average Temperatures For Autum 2011 Predicted

The Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have predicted slightly higher than average temperatures the months of October, November & December in the Canary Islands.

Roundabout in Yaiza

Temperatures were recorded as 0.7 degrees above the average (from the past 40 years) during this summer in the Canary Islands from June to August and the trend is expected to continue through the fall. The average temperature was recorded as 22.6 degrees through the summer making it the 8th warmest for the Islands in the past 40 years. June was a strange month recording a cool start and a hot finish with a rise of 15 degrees during two weeks.

The hydrological year runs from the 1st October to 30th September and shows that for 2010 / 2011 we have had no major heat waves or lots of rain and very little strong wind despite the strong gusts that have resulted in a few alerts.

What can you normally expect from the weather in Lanzarote during Autumn? These are the averages for those months…..

October: 18 - 26 degrees, 7mm rainfall, 7 hours daily sunshine, 12 knots wind

November: 16 – 24 degrees, 24mm rainfall, 6 hours daily sunshine, 12 knots wind

December: 15 – 22 degrees, 35mm rainfall, 7 hours daily sunshine, 10 knots wind

You can also find a monthly weather report for the past two years on the website, just enter the name of the month and the word “weather” into the search box at the top to find them or scroll down the weather page.