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Lanzarote Information is for people with any interest in the island. People who live here, people who want to, and people who holiday here.

We update the site several times a day with all the latest news, stories about events and regular in-depth posts about aspects of the island.

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The People

Julie Cliffe-JonesMike Cliffe-Jones

Julie Cliffe-Jones Mike Cliffe-Jones

Our main writers are Jules and Miguel, better known as Julie and Mike, much to the disappointment of some female readers who had hoped Miguel was a doe eyed Canarian hunk!

Julie and Mike are Brits who have lived on the island for over fourteen years and who get involved in as much of Lanzarote life as they can. Having brought up two children on the island, and run several businesses, they are in a good position to help others with their in depth knowledge about Lanzarote and life here.

They believe in making the most of living in paradise, and you'll find them at events and attractions all over the island, all the time! They are both triathletes and scuba divers, avid readers and they love good food and great company.

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Staff Writers


Tracy is from the north of the UK and has lived on the island since 1994. Her first few years here were a blur, learning and living a new and exciting life in Lanzarote.

She is married with three children, who were all born and educated on the island.

She currently runs a luxury villa rental business "Lanzarote Life" and Brown the delicatessen in Costa Teguise.

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Susana is originally from Barcelona but has lived in Ireland for the last 14 years.

She came to Lanzarote for the first time in the summer of 2009 and fell in love with the place.

Having visited the island on several occasions since, she moved over in August 2010 and has being trying to find her feet... she thinks she is getting somewhere, she's found out they are at the end of her legs!

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Barbra is a recent arrival to the island, having moved here with husband Robin and cat Nancy in December 2010. The couple are from Lincoln in UK, and are both retired teachers, who followed their dream to move permanently to Lanzarote.

Robin has set up an IT consultancy business, and both are learning Spanish while they enjoy the sunshine in their new home in Playa Blanca.

As well as being a keen photographer, Barbra is planning to write novels as well as news for Lanzarote Information.

Look out for features on cats in Lanzarote, being a vegetarian on the island, and plenty about Playa Blanca.

Sadly Barbara died on the 1st November 2013, her husband Robin and Nancy continue to live in Lanzarote, taking some comfort that her last years were spent in a place she loved.

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JJ has always holidayed in Lanzarote and like many has simply fallen in love with the place!

Different from our other writers, JJ is not based in Lanzarote, he works as Cabin Crew for Aer Lingus which brings him back to the island each month. During 2010, JJ jumped at the chance for a year long sabbatical where he lived in Lanzarote before returning to Aer Lingus.

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Luu is the youngest of our writers and has spent more than half of her life living in Lanzarote.

More Canarian than British Luu will be featuring more in depth news, what's on and interviews from the younger residents in Lanzarote.

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Jill lives in the UK but lost her heart to Lanzarote on her first visit when she was 16 years old and hope one day to relocate here.

Travelling regularly to Lanzarote with her family Jill has built up an in-depth knowledge of food and advice for people who are Lactose Intollerant and also have Special Needs.

Jill is the owner of www.tulahberry.com an Organic Mother & Baby online website.

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