135,0000 Euros Won in Teguise!

There is a bonoloto winner amongst us! 

Bonoloto 22-07-2013

The winning ticket was bought at the "Administración Número 2" in Teguise.  The winning numbers were 4-7-9-12-15-34 plus 24 as the complementary number and 2 as the reimbursement number. The lucky winner guessed 5 of 6 numbers plus the complementary number which will award him/her a prize amount of €135,523!

Although the winner's identity hasn't been revealed, the bonoloto is part of the Spanish National lottery so the chances are it is a Spanish national or a resident well acquainted in the ins and outs of the national lottery system.

Mari Nieves Hernández has had "administración" for 12 years and she had never given a prize for such an amount. She says they are open on Sundays because of the market, so it could be a local person or someone that was just visiting. She is actually finishing off next Sunday and she is delighted to have sold the winning ticket. She would love for the money to go to someone who needs it. Don't we all?

Now, although the amount awarded wouldn't be enough to qualify as becoming a millionaire I wouldn't look down on it! What would you do with this amount burning in your pocket? A new car? Some holiday, perhaps to Lanzarote? Pay off some debt? Donate to charity? All of the above?

So if you were recently in Teguise and decided to play the bonoloto, make sure you check your slip. You might be the winner!!!