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Lanzarote Nightlife 31st January - 3rd February 2013

Here’s our weekly nightlife guide as to what’s on in the pubs, clubs and other events this weekend across the island of Lanzarote.

We’ve already posted the carnival programmes for Arrecife and San Bartolomé which start on Saturday and the local fiesta in Tías for La Candelaria y San Blas. The second of the Canary Islands Music Festival 2013 concerts takes place tonight in La Villa de Teguise.


1 Febrero Desfile Comunion

Venue: Gran Hotel, Arrecife, Lanzarote

Date: Friday 1st February 2013

Time: 19:00

Details: Primero Comunión Desfile Benéfico. The 1st communion fashion show has been organised through www.alenarubio.info as a benefit evening for the Asociación de Familias Oncohematológicas de Lanzarote (AFOL). Tickets priced at €5 are available from their shops in Arrecife.

Discoteca Olimpo Blue Party

Venue:  read more »

San Bartolomé Carnival Programme 2013

The carnival celebrations also commence in the municipality of San Bartolomé, in Lanzarote on Saturday 2nd February.


The World of Disney has been selected as the theme for the carnival in San Bartolomé for this year. Three of the events will take place in the Parque Félix Rodríguez de La Fuente in San Bartolomé including a carnival procession on the 12th and the Burial of the Guachinango parade takes place on the 15th in Playa Honda.

San Bartolomé Carnival Programme 2013  read more »

Arrecife Carnival Programme 2013

The carnival season starts in Lanzarote from this Saturday 2nd February with fun, music, dancing and laughter in the capital of Arrecife.

Carnaval Arrecife 2013

The carnival poster for this year was designed by artist Nuria Meseguer, who likes to combine underwater photography with art. Nuria commented at the unveiling of the poster “For more than twelve years on the island,  I have taken photos under the water which has given me a lot of material to work with. The waters of Lanzarote have grabbed me”.

The Recinto Ferial, the location of the majority of this year’s carnival events is the large white tent situated in the car park by the Cabildo and Intercambiador bus station in Arrecife. There is an entry fee of €3 for the murgas and drag queen events, the proceeds of which will go towards the prize money.

Monday 11th is the date for the grand parade, the floats will depart from the football ground next to the bus station from 6pm, another good event is the much shorter carnival parade along the seafront for the Burial of the Sardine on Wednesday 13th February.

Arrecife Carnival Programme 2013  read more »

Fiestas de La Candelaria y San Blas 2013

The bunting is out around Tías and the fiestas in honour of La Candelaria Y San Blas started on the 25th January.

Fiestas Candelaria y San Blas 2013Carrera Popular de La Candelaria al Mar

The fiesta programme includes a gala dance evening, verbena popular, celebration of Eucharist, 7km run, solemn processions and finishing with a motor racing event on the 9th February.

Fiestas de la Candelaria y San Blas Programme 2013

Monday 28th January

17:00 Chess tournament in the school Alcalde Rafael Cedrés

20:30 Ladies Ronda Competition in the Restaurante “La Estancia

Tuesday 29th January

17:00 Children’s play in the Plaza de La Candelaria

20:30 Ladies Chinchón competition in the Restaurante “La Estancia

Wednesday 30th January

17:00 Pasacalles Workshop in the Tías Sociedad Unión Sur

20:00 La Candelaria Gala Dance with students from Top Catz Dance School (Marlene Pierce) in the municipal theatre. Free entry.

Thursday 31st January

17:00 Pasacalles  read more »

Exhibition: Hibernando by Javier Sáenz & Yolanda Téllez

“Hibernando” (hibernating) is a collection of 18 photographs by Javier Sáenz and Yolanda Téllez that show another side of our sunny island: winter in Lanzarote. Maybe less common images of our surroundings but a reality full of beauty all the same.

Hibernando at La Galeria

Javier Saénz is a native of Lanzarote, he’s a professional photographer, photography teacher and journalist. Javier has taken part in  read more »

World Environmental Education Day

A special day of events have been planned by the Cabildo of Lanzarote to celebrate the Día Mundial de La Educación Ambiental in the Plazuela de Arrecife.

26 Enero 2013

This event is part of the UN programme and 20th anniversary of the Biosphere Reserve of Lanzarote.

10:00 – 13:00 Radio Insular will be transmitting a special programme from the Plazuela in Arrecife

10:00 – 13:00 Lanzarote Recicla have organised recycling workshops for children to make carnival wigs and glasses from recycled objects

10:30 Opening of the Área de la Reserva de la Biosfera  information stand about the “Contamination of abandoned waste”

11:00 Walk around the Marina of Arrecife for  read more »

Lanzarote Nightlife 24th - 27th January 2013

Here’s our weekly nightlife guide as to what’s on in the pubs, clubs and other events this weekend across the island of Lanzarote.

We've already published details of the Trendy & Wine event at Bodegas Bermejo and the fair in Arrecife.


fiesta-flamenca 25 Jan

Venue: Casa Santiago, Calle Flores, Villa de Teguise, Lanzarote

Date: Friday 25th January 2013

Time: 22:00

Details: Fiesta Flamenca with Antonio de la Rosa & Eva Roca.


Puerto del Carmen:

Skyy 26 Jan

Venue:  read more »

Puerto del Carmen Carnival Programme 2013

The Ayuntamiento of Tías have announced their programme for the carnival in Puerto del Carmen to be held from the 14th to 17th February 2013.

Carnaval Puerto del Carmen 2013

The carnival parade will start at 5pm on Saturday, starting from the Barcarola on The Strip until the Fariones. The programme of events takes place in Plaza del Varadero which is the square in the old harbour of Puerto del Carmen.

Thursday 14th February

18:00 Children’s carnival in the Plaza del Varadero

20:30 Performance from the Murgas Tabletuos  read more »


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