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Cinematic Music Night

The Starlight Openair Cinema venue in Puerto del Carmen are holding a Cinematic Music Night on Saturday 25th March 2017.

Cinematic Music

Become immersed in the best music from 3 decades. Enjoy 70's 80's and 90's hits via HD headsets beside the Starlight Openair Cinema screen and dance until you drop!  read more »

Whats on in Lanzarote: May 2017

Here’s our What’s On information for events taking place in Lanzarote during May 2017. This page will be updated daily as new events are announced.

Please visit our Facebook album for larger versions of the posters included below.  

1 - 19 May: Exhibition: "FROM" 

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A group of students, former students and friends of the Art School Pancho Lasso explore their origins and methamorphosis from student to artist expressing it trough pottery, painting, photography and more. The exhibition can be visited Monday to Friday from 16h to 20h at the Sala de exposiciones El Quirófano, Centro Sociocultural de La Vega in Arrecife.

1 May: Worker's Day at the Aquapark Costa Teguise

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Special flate rate of 5€ for Canarian residents.  

1 May: Ultrabike Lanzarote

CarteCopaMTBLz2017 724x1024

Second day of the IV Ultrabike Lanzarote mtb event.

2-9 May: Lanzarote Retreat - Surf life with purpose & presence

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Design your own way to surf life plus months coaching with Jana Mitzoda. For more information email mitzoda@gmail.com.

2-5 May: L.A.B. Instructor Course

17309686 10154503910637496 7888613953206841807 n

Learn how to teach Legs, Abs and Buttocks  workouts. Organised by the Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé.

3 May: Club de Cata

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Tasting Club sampling wines from Bodega La Geria at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife at 19h. Tickets: €10. 

3 May: Conference: "Dependencia extrema del petróleo: nuestra mayor vulverabilidad"

18119354 10154607600777496 4212405079985708409 n

Chat by industrial engineer Jorge C. Morales de Labra about our dependency on petrol at the Aula Maga of the UNED Lanzarote in Arrecife at 20:30h. 

3 - 6 May: XXII Feria del Libro

18118795 10154607601102496 8656405256612181098 n

Book Fair, special edition celebrating the work of Canarian writer Rafael Arozarena . The fair will be located in Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife.

4 May: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles


"Going in Style" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:45h. More information on  http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-4th-may-2017. 

4-6 May: Keroxen Lanzarote

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Festival with music from Canarian and international bands, exhibitions and visuals at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife.

4 May at 20h: Music with Actung Painting, Nicolas Hernández, Rafael Pinillos & Simone Marin

Exhibitions by Pura Márquez and Juan Carlos Batista

5 May at 20h: Satélite

21h: Group A

22h: Fiera

23h: Los Ganglios

24h: Brent Arnold Visuals by Alba G. Corral, Lasal and Simone Marin

5 & 6 May: AfterKeroxen

The afters of the Keroxen Festival are held at the Noise Club in Arrecife, from 2 to 6 am. Tickets are €8 (in advance) and €10 at the door. 

5 May: Moody Boyz and D. WattsRiot 

6 May: D. WattsRiot and Postman And Ulive as redisent DJ. 

6 May at 18h: Yuri Fontes

19h: Ovejas Negras

20h: Postman+Jorganes

21h: Tupperwear

22h: Conjunto Podenco

Programe and more information about the artist on http://www.keroxen.com/programacion_lanzarote

5 May: Star gazing 

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At the Castillo de San Gabriel with Astronomia Lanzarote  at 21h. Free entrance. 

5 May: Mother's Day at JUNGLA GYM 

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In Arrecife  at 17th. Playtime for the smallest and free "merienda" (afternoon snack) for the mums. 

5 May: RevolveR in Concert 

18221746 10154625454487496 3716860485646703522 n

At Teatro Cine Atlántida in Arrecife at 21h. Tickets €20. 

5 May: Cheese Tasting Initiation Course

At the Centro Socio Cultural in Uga. 

5 May: Astronomy: Moons of the Solar System 

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At the Escuela de Pesca in Arrecife at 18:15 & 19:30h. Free entrance by registering on www.Kosmos-Lanzarote.com. 

6 May: Life Love Balance - Open Day 

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Tickets €6. Morning at Pole Dance Academy Lanzarote in Arrecife: 

11h: Pole Dance

12h: Calisthenics

12:50h: Tai-Chi/Chi-Kung

14h: Break with detox juice and vegan lunch. 

And afternoon at Amisi Lanzarote also in Arrecife: 

15h: Body & Mind

15:45h: Slow Funtional Training

16:30h: Flexibility

17:15h: Classic18h: Yoga

6 May: 7th International Beach Rugby Tournament Lanzarote

17884364 10154572061567496 4766967150200310619 n

At Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen at 14h.

6 May: Bienestar Festival. 

18157597 10154607601222496 7356561433488059342 n

Wellbeing Festival organised yb Bienestar y Crecimiento.com at Calle Ildefonso Valls de la Torre, 7 in Arrecife  Free entrance, confirm assitance by sending a whatsapp to 622925659.  

6 May: The Kennel Klub Monthly Sale

18221842 10154631103067496 4513335710731666817 n

Bargains from as little as €1 to raise funds for this animal charity. At the Concord Terrace in Playa Honda from 10 to 13h. 


6 & 20 May: Cinematic Music Night

Music night may

Experience a silent disco with a night of music at the open air cinema in Puerto del Carmen on Saturdays the 6th and 20th May. Entry €10 from 9pm to midnight. Tel 928 511 690 to book your headset!

6 & 7 May: III Cata Insular de Quesos

18198726 10154625454552496 1252776083487219242 n

3rd Island Cheese Tasting Contest in the Recinto Ferial in Uga. 

6 & 7 May: Intensive Acroyoga Course 

18199246 10154625454322496 8155878462851296095 n

With Eva López from Yoga Art at YOGA Integral AMBA in Playa Honda. No experience required and no need to attend with a partner. 

6-7 May: Campeonato de España 2017 de Ultimate Frisbee

17425960 10154503910642496 3839401602615392137 n

Frisbee Spanish Championship in Campo Piscina in San Francisco Javier on the 6th and Ciudad Deportiva in Arrecife on the 7th.  

6, 13, 20 & 27 May: Cine Seishun Eiga

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Japanese Cinema every Saturday during May and June in Centro Cívico in Teguise at 18h. For over 16s. 

6 May: Trinity Seven Movie- Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl

13 May: Boruto- Naruto the Movie

20 May: One Piece - Heart of Gold

27 May: Chain Chronicle - The Light of Haecceitas

7 May: Disco Night Urban Race

CARTEL DNUR A3 01 724x1024

The annual Disco Night Urban Race with distances of 5-10km and children’s races takes place in Arrecife at 21:00 on the evening of the 7th May. Registration and more information http://www.disconighturbanrace.com/

7 May: Mother's Day

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Special menu at Museo del Campesino on the 7th of May. Tickets €24. More information & bookings by emailing info@centrosturistico.com or by calling 901 200 310.

Free entrance for mums to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park in Puerto del Carmen. 

7 May: Wine walk 


Visit to Bodegas Vulcano including tasting of their wines. Tickets 12€. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/6-wine-walks-lanzarote-during-2017. 

7 May: Farmer’s Market San Bartolomé

Nueva imagen

Opening of this new small market with only ten stalls of crafts and land produce. 

11-13h: Children's workshops

12h: Live music with Calicanto

Also mums will receive a small little gift to celebrate Mother's Day. 

8-10 May: Fiesta del Cine

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The Cine Party is back with cinema tickets reduced at only €2.90 for 3 days.  Registration required at www.fiestadelcine.com/acreditacion. 

8-10 May: Aqua Aerobics Instructor Course

17426049 10154503910647496 3365028381826758941 n

Learn how to teach Aqua Aerobics. Organised by the Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé.

8,10,15, 17, 22, 24, 29 & 31 May: Cinema Acting Workshop

18057020 10154600974497496 7977631134823359023 n

Every Monday and Wednesday from the 8th to the 31st of May at the Sociedad in Teguise. Cost €50. Registration by calling 639 73 47 01 or by emailing produccionestenike@gmail.com. 

9 May: Conference: "Marketing Digital para PYMES ¿Cómo invertir para crecer" 

18157170 10154600974917496 4622967162809784046 n

Talk about how small and medium companies can invest in Digital Marketing to grow. With Rubén Medina from HubSpot and Pedro García from Mínima Compañía at Cámara Comercio in Arrecife at 9h. 

9-11 May: X Canarias: Una ventana volcánica en el Atlántico

18320699 10154641335167496 2200999073880596125 o

Free conferences about the risks of living in a volcanic island. At the Centro Cívico in Teguise at 19h. 


10 May: Classical Concert: String Quartet Series of five concerts by the Orquesta Clásica de Lanzarote

17342511 10154503911262496 1869783311071086253 n

At 12h in La Plazuela - Petit concert, outdoor free concert as a teaser for the concert in the evening.

And 20:30h the concert itself in Sala José Saramago FCM in Arrecife. 

Single ticket €15. Voucher for all five concerts €60. For members, prices are €12 and €45 respectively.

10, 11 & 12 May: César Manrique's Day - Documentaries

17990615 10154600975012496 2957925993712632211 o

To celebrate the artist's birthday, three documentaries will be shown at CIC El Almacén at 20h:-Taro. El Eco de Manrique- Maestro de Obra- Las Manos by Miguel Morales

10-15 May: Fiestas de San Isidro Labrador

18342128 10154645210912496 2674395368231301128 n

Fiestas in Uga. 

10-21 May: Fiestas de Fátima y San Isibro Labrador

18342453 10154645210847496 3942528541008193962 n

Fiestas in Muñique. 

11 May: Boxing VIP Dinner Event Expo 

17903537 10154572066482496 4956089882748765755 n

At Hotel Costa Calero in Puerto Calero on the 11th.Barry Mc Guigan, “the Clones Cyclone”,  will be the guest of honour. The legendary former WBA featherweight champion will be joined by other fighters, including Robin Reid, Ryan Rhodes, Charles Shepherd and Dean Francis, for an unforgettable evening with a four course dinner, live music, auctions, Q&A sessions and much much more. Tickets are available from Thunderbolt Champions Gym at Centro Atlántico in Puerto del Carmen, by calling 618975536 or email thunderbolt1obrien@yahoo.ie. 

11 May: Presentation of the book "Isla de Lobos, naturaleza  e historia"

18057944 10154600974612496 1098183527749084608 n

Book about the nature and history of the neighbouring island of Isla de Lobos. Written by Ignacio Romero from Senderismo Lanzarote at the Casa Benito Pérez Armas at 20:30h. 

11 May: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles

18401864 10154645210982496 6274282457329472962 o

"Fast & Furious 8" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:45h. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-11th-may-2017. 


12 May: Guided tour of Cerveza NAO 

17990703 10154641334427496 8757731415278238730 n

The tour starts at 19:30h and it costs €10 per person. Bookings by emailing hola@naobeer.com. 

12 & 26 May: Paseos para mayores de 60 años

18121378 10154607601497496 7036264320025527261 o

Walks aimed at the over 60. Free by registering. For more information and registration, please contact the Área de Mayores of your municipality. 

12 May at 16:30h. Walk of approximately 4,5Km to explore Uga's surroundings.

28 May at 10:30h. Walk of approximately 4Km from the "Virgen de la Regla" Church in La Vegueta to the "Los Dolores" Church in Mancha Blanca. 

12 May: V Running CEIP Costa Teguise

18424063 10154646892982496 5321150502321498596 n

Popular race for students, their families & former students, departing from Playa Bastián in Costa Teguise at 18h. 

12 May: Mods & Rockers 

18402900 10154646893007496 7699032829225164674 n

Live music with Los Contratiempos and The Skatoons in Doblón Gran Hotel in Arrecife at 19:30h. Tickets €8 in advance, €10 at the door. 

12 May: Barro y Vinoceramic Experience

18238056 1873078552963687 499469871592753673 o

Opening of the exhibition from Carlos Martínez Arrocha at La Vinoteca del Charco in Arrecife at 20:00.

12 May: Flamenco

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Live flamenco at Restauranta Itálica in Puerto del Carmen on Friday 12th May at 21:30.

13 May: PFC Puerto del Carmen vs Tahiche 

18423839 10154646901137496 9195568023805270748 n

Football play off at the Sport Grounds in Puerto del Carmenat 18:30h. Tickets €5, under 16s free. 

13 May: "Catana"

18425446 10154646901142496 7123729546128593744 n

Documentary and concert at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife at 20h. 

13 May: "A tres fuelles" Concert

18449266 10154646901352496 6012786597581532094 o

Accordion concert  in the Teatro Municipal de Tías  at 20:30h. Tickets €10. 

13 May: Theatre: "Carbono 14" 

18342369 10154646901162496 5644935888350799378 n

With SomoS Grupo Teatral at the Theatre in Tinajo  at 21h. Tickets €5. 

13 May: Special show with Dayana Luis & Jessie Luck 

18403426 10154646901222496 8598157831562795450 n

At Punto Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen, opening at 22:30h. 

13 May : Empty the Tanks Demonstration 

17861792 10154572065607496 3766088425016762347 n

The "No to the Dolphinarium" group will protest again coinciding with the International Empty the Tanks Day at Rancho Texas Park in Puerto del Carmen on the 13th at 10h. 

13 May: Percuday

18222690 10154625454592496 2345716897787304301 n

Dance Party Music At Los Aljibes de Tahiche from 8pm to 1am. Tickets €10.20:30h Mbira With Santiago Vázquez, founder of the ensemble "La Bomba del Tiempo"21:30h Sign Language Percussion

13 May: Iniciación a la fotografía digital

18118878 10154600974692496 2642568942936672766 n

Course for beginners about digital photobraby by Atodafoto in the Centro Cultural La Tegala in Haría at 9h. 

13 May: Ceramic workshop

18320749 10154641335372496 1529271872170704184 o

By Agustín Alemán in the Biosfera Shopping Center at 19:30h. 

13 May: Lanzarote 24h Beach Clean Up 

18403433 10154641334717496 3330044178376830181 n

Starting in Arrieta at 20h, finishing up the following day in Famara. Organised by Famara Limpia & COUP-Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions.

13 May: Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water 

18301718 10154641334412496 3116654185264622508 n

Open water swimming competition in Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen. 

13 May: II Campeonato Scooter

18401855 10154641334787496 6964894531639969520 o

Scooter Championship at Extreme Center in Playa Honda at 14h. Free for San Bartolomé residents, otherwise €3 registration fee. 

13 & 17 May: Aqua Zumba 

18402761 10154641334417496 2263857037429204956 n

Free sessions at the pool in Marina Rubicón at 10h. 

14 May: Family excursion: Energy and wind.

17425058 10154503911222496 909761880483918608 n

Family excursion in Arrecife at 10h. Free but registration required with Senderismo Lanzarote by calling 690 053282 or by email senderismolanzarote@gmail.com.

14 & 21 May: Live music at El Chupadero 

18446661 10154646910002496 4532635560877628557 n

In La Geria at 20h. 

14 May: Otenami

21 May: Arrímate ar querré

15-27 May: Fiestas de María Auxiliadora

18447270 10154645217142496 3483261958800706093 n

Fiestas in Montaña Blanca. 

15 & 18 May: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles

18493024 10155342965466834 1338713254 o

"Fast & Furious 8" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:25h

"The Lost City of Z" at Cinemas Deiland in Playa Honda at 19:25h

More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-15th-18th-may-2017. 

16 May: Links for Business - The Opening Meeting

A 90 minutes session of like-minded women who have already been through the very different challenges of building their business on the island. You'll gain ideas, support and encouragement and fun is always on the menu. For more info Whatsapp Janet on 699575178. 

17, 24 & 31 May: Educar en familia

18489712 10154662040892496 9027698517663670894 o

Family Education chats from 17h to 19h. Free entrance. 17 May: "How to prevent, detect and address bullyin in school" by Milagros Armas Arraez, psycologist. At CEIP Costa Teguise.24 May: "No, because I love you" by Isabel Tejera Tejera, psychologist. At CEIP César Manrique Cabrera. 31 May: "Let's make social media a save place for our children" by Baldomero Cabera Pérez, Telecommunications Engineer. At CEO Ignacio Aldecoa.

18 May: Día Internacional de los Museos 

18489853 10154662040557496 2250244717272757357 o

Open Doors Day at MIAC-Castillo de San José in Arrecife on International Museum Day. 

18-20 May: Dinner Tasting Menu 

18422791 10154662040752496 1365180103753583733 o

Also to celebrate at International Museum Day, a special menu at Qué Muac Restaurante, Castillo de San José in Arrecife. €48 per person with wine pairing, €40 without it. 

18 May: Recorrido poético: Canarias, poesía y música. 

18447339 10154662040327496 3478914555245660767 n

Canarian poetry and music by the students of CEIP El Quintero and Luz María Duque Dorta at the Biblioteca Municipal in Teguise at 19h. 

18 May: "Anturios en el Salón"

18519914 10154662040022496 2138925205839800712 n

Presentation of the book by Juan Ramón Tramunt at the Biblioteca Municipal in Teguise at 20h. 

19 May: Ironkids 

18447613 10154662040137496 3677856826141466386 n

For kids aged 7 to 17 at 16:30h in Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen. 


17493020 10154503911737496 984953591372612256 o

With Domingo el Colorao and guests soloists at Casa Museo del Timple in Teguise.  Tickets €10. 

19 May: Superfight

18157928 10154607600862496 9036935418298342402 n

Kick Boxking, BJJ, Grappling and MMA fights - I'm hoping that makes sense to those in the know! - on the 19th of May at Latitud 28 in Arrecife. Free registration for the fighters of each discipline by emailing admonlatitud28@gmail.com. 

19 Mayo: Las 6 millas nocturnas

17799021 1637423209619449 2265080314516458397 n

First edition of this Stand Up Paddle competition that will take place on the waters of the Charco de San Ginés at 15h. 

19-27 May: Fiestas de Santa Rita

18403080 10154645217407496 5892817140783263381 n

Fiestas in Tao.   read more »

Playa Blanca Carnival 2017

Playa Blanca will be celebrating their carnival weekend from the 24th to 26th March 2017.

Playa Blanca Carnival 2017

Here’s the full carnival programme for this holiday resort in the south of Lanzarote.

Friday 24th March

19:30 Opening of Carnival

A pasacalle (street procession) with batucada group Villa Pipol from the plaza de Nuestra Señora del Carmen along the Avenida Maritima until the harbour, returning along Calle Limonés and finishing back in the plaza.

20:30 Gran Gala Drag Queen

Performances from the best Drag in the Canaries supported by Ballet Dance Pop and presented by Techi Acosta, Dani Calero & Alejandro Bravo in the Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Carmen.  read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote, 13th & 16th March 2017

There are two movies in English next week and both will be shown on Monday and Thursday: 

17229930 10155130559681834 1817100702 o

The newly introduced "Manchester by the Sea" at Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:25h. 

A depressed handyman named Lee Chandler (played Casey Affleck) returns home after his brother Joe (played by Kyle Chandler) dies to look after his teenage nephew Patrick (played by Lucas Hedges). In the process he encounters not only his estranged wife Randi (played by Michelle Williams) but the whole tight-knit community he left behind when he left.   read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote, 6th & 9th of March 2017

There are two new movies in English next week, both newly introduced that will be shown on Monday and Thursday: 

17091387 10155105482171834 1212934336 o

"The Healer" at Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:35h. 

Alec (played by Oliver Jackson Cohen) is forced to return to his family home for a year . There he discovers that he may have a healing gift. Then, he meets Abigail (played by Kaylin Bernard) an outspoken teenager with terminal cancer who will help him come to terms with his new found talent.   read more »

Haria Carnival 2017

Haría's Carnival theme this year is Bollywood and it will take place from the 16th to the 19th of March.  These are the scheduled activities: 

Cartel del Carnaval de Haria

Thursday 16th March

17:00h.- Carnival Party for the elderly of the municipality at the Centro Sociocultural “La Tegala”.21.00h.-  Carnival Opening Show by  the Latin Dance School “El Norte”.

Friday 17th March  read more »

Teguise Carnival 2017

Teguise's Carnival theme this year honours the connection that the Canaries has had with Cuba for centuries. 

Carnival Teguise 2017

These are the activities for Carnival the municipality, which includes three main locations: Teguise itself, Costa Teguise and La Graciosa:


Friday 10th March

20:30h - Traditional Carnival 

With the performances of: Los Diabletes, Los Toros de Tao, Los Buches and Parranda Raíces from Lanzarote, Carnaval tradicional from La Aldea in Gran Canaria; Mataculegra from Tenerife; and Las Pantallas de Xinzao de Limia from Orense. At the Historical Center of Teguise.   read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote, 27th February & 2nd March 2017

"Lion" is still the movie in English that will be shown in Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife next Monday at Thursday at the earlier time of 17:05h. 

16934033 10155085691516834 233006475 n

Saroo (played by Dev Patel) is a 5 year old Indian boy that gets lost on the streets of Calcutta. He endures loads of challenges before being adopted in Australia by Sue and John Brierley (played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham). 25 years later, he embarks on another adventure yet to find his lost family.  read more »


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