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Rocktoberfest, 24th October 2009

Three local bands will be performing at Rocktoberfest on the 24th October.

Rubarboos NautyBoyz SKATOONS

The new band Rubarboos, the talented young NautyBoyz and the extremely popular Skatoons.  read more »

Bienal Off 2009, 20th Oct - 14th Nov

Bienal Off 2009 Bienal Off launches today which combines both cultural and artistic events for the next three weeks in Lanzarote. The event is organised in conjuction with MIAC, the Museum of International Contemporary Art at the Castillo San José in Arrecife. There are forty activities planned within the programme from the 20th of October up to the 14th November ranging from painting and photographic exhibitions to live music concerts, there’s something to suit everyone.

A brief list of the programme details are below but for full details please either download the programme below or see their website Bienal Off 2009.

Tuesday 20th October

11:00 Exposición: Nuevo Hogar 123... Anneke van Zuethem, Anja Püchel y Nicola Aigner. Castillo de San Gabriel. Arrecife.  read more »

Fiesta en La Cueva, LagOmar

La Cueva Bar LagOmar This Saturday 17th October 2009 there’s a fiesta in La Cueva at LagOmar in Nazaret.

The party starts at 23:30 until 03:00 with:

DJ Markes bringing you Brazilian grooves and funky broken beats &

DJ Daniel Palacios playing deep house, latin house and deep jazz.  read more »

Los Dolores 2009

The Los Dolores romería was as spectacular as ever this year with thousands walking along the roads heading towards Mancha Blanca on Saturday 12th September. The route from the Monumento Campesino in San Bartolomé is just under 9km walk to the church Ermita de los Dolores and a popular meeting point for many groups and offering refreshment to those who had walked there.

Los Dolores Monumento Campesino Los Dolores Refreshments

Los Dolores Romería Los Dolores Companionship

P1040110 Sunset  read more »

Romeria de Los Dolores

Romería de los Dolores The Fiesta Nuestra Señora de los Volcanes or the romería Virgen de los Dolores is the biggest traditional fiesta on the island of Lanzarote. Residents make the romería (pilgrimage) from all over the island on foot, dressed in traditional clothing to the tiny village of Mancha Blanca in the municipality of Tinajo. There’s something really moving about seeing thousands of people, brightly dressed, all heading in the same direction – some of them are alone, others are in groups, with donkeys and camels pulling carts or pushing shopping trolleys laden with food and drink for the journey and weekend of festivities.  read more »

Fiestas, Nuestra Señora del Pino, Punta Mujeres 2009

Fiestas de Nuestra Señora del Pino The quiet fishing village of Punta Mujeres is transformed for the 10 days of fiesta activities in Punta Mujeres for the fiesta Nuestra Señora del Pino. Although there are a good number of residents in this village, a lot of the houses belong to families living in Arrecife and they come alive during the final weeks at the end of the summer before school starts again. Typically the houses have large garages with kitchens fitted where the whole family congregate to celebrate. There is the 2km swimming event on the first Saturday, verbenas on both nights the following weekend and also a traditional romería around the pueblo with small fishing boats and traditional dress, music and food.  read more »

Fiestas de Caleta de Famara 2009

The fiesta inFiestas Famara Famara is really popular, the programme started last Sunday on the 23rd, but the main events are yet to come with verbenas on the Friday and Saturday night, DJ’s playing a variety of music and batucada in the alternative zone. Don’t forget your tent, Famara has a free campsite if you want to make a weekend of it!
Sunday 23rd August
10:00 Primera cronoescalada MTB “Al Golpito”. Salida desde los bungalows de Playa de Famara (zona molino) hasta la Ermita de las Nieves. Más información en www.elaljibe.tinamala.com
Monday 24th August
20:00 Presentación del programa festivo y lectura del pregón a cargo de Doña Oliva López Cueto, periodista vinculada a la Caleta. A continuación, pasacalle con bazucada, zancudos, muñecos Dysney y escupe-fuegos.  read more »

Regata de Jolateros

Jolatero, Joy Jolateros If you’ve not had a chance to see one of these boat races in Lanzarote yet, have a look out for them, they are such good fun and draw a big crowd of spectators too!

A Jolatero is a small boat fashioned from an oil drum, it has wooden baton at either end and a long piece of string with a cork attached! The races are competed in age groups, and its generally boys that participate.

This event was part of the San Ginés 2009 fiesta celebrations held during August at Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife. I'm not sure I’d want to hand launch the firework rocket though to start the race!  read more »


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