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Arrecife Carnaval Programme 2010

Carnaval_Arrecife_2010 The local shops are full of carnaval window displays and the stores have a huge stock of costumes from babies to adults and most of them under €20. It’s the start of Lanzarote’s carnaval season and Arrecife gets the party started on the 5th February 2010.

There are three main elements to the carnaval here in Lanzarote:

Murgas Los Simplones Murgas

A Murga is a group of people who perform a musical play, they will have been practising for months prior to the carnaval and have distinctive colourful costumes and makeup. The groups perform over three nights in the first week until the final where the winning Murga is elected.

Batucada Batucada

The batucada bands give the sound to carnaval, they use a selection of drums, tamborines, bells and whistles to create a rhythm which is fast and repetitive. The groups practise all year round and can be found at events throughout the island.

Comparsas Comparsas

Comparsas originated from Brazil and are the dancers that perform the group salsa routines during the carnaval parade. These are the brave dancing girls and boys in revealing costumes wearing headdresses and smiles.

The programme of events are listed here or you can download a copy of the carnaval programme which is attached below.  read more »

Lanzarote Concert: Alexis y Fido, 27th February 2010

Alexis y Fido

Alexis” Ortiz y Joel “Fido” Martinez have released three reggaetón albums in four years (debut 2005 The Ptibulls, 2006 Los Reyes del Perreo, 2007 Sobrenatural) and earned their nickname “Los Pitbulls”. The duo have been extremely popular with their infectious songs topping the Latin Rhythm charts and TV appearances. Their full biography can be read in English on their website www.alexisyfido.com. The boys have a concert in Madrid on the 26th and Lanzarote on the 27th, arranged in conjunction with Tony Biyang Fashion School and tickets available from Joe Fashion.

The concert will be held at the Biosfera in Arrecife and starts at 10pm on the 27th February 2010. Tickets cost €21 in advance and €25 on the door.  read more »

K-che, Fiesta Blanca, 30 January 2010

K-CHE Fiesta Blanca

Nightclub K-che in Arrecife is hosting a Fiesta Blanca on Saturday 30th January.

The doors open at midnight until 5am and entrance is free if you’re dressed in white and €5 including a drink if not. DJ Fran Jimenez & Robert Garcia are in the cabin and there will be music, go-gos, mojitos and snow!

K-che is situated at Calle José Antonio 61 in Arrecife, Lanzarote.  read more »

Festival Lanzarote por Haití, 30th January 2010

An event aimed at raising money for Haití will be held on Saturday 30th January 2010. The swap market starts at 5pm so bring all your goods that you don’t use, followed by a concert through until 4.30am at the Explanada de Playa Honda. Acts confirmed for the night are:

Fesitval Lanzarote por Haití Zurych (Lanzarote)

Maiensy( Lanzarote)

Kardomillo (Lanzarote)

Las Ratas(TFN)

Tony Zenet (Malaga)

Seguridad Social (Valencia)

Meeting on board ( Spain/UK)

Dj Mister Paradise (Lanzarote)

Oscartienealas DJ (Lanzarote)

F4F (lpa)

Dj Markes, (Uruguay)

Dj Surfer (Lanzarote)  read more »

ZombieWalk Lanzarote, 5th February 2010

Zombiewalk The first ever ZombieWalk in Lanzarote takes place in Arrecife on the 5th February 2010. To give you a flavour of the night we have uploaded a video from the ZombieWalk 2009 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The idea is to dress as a zombie and have your professional zombie makeup done for you. The zombies gather at 7pm in the Parque temático at Arrecife and when ready will make their way slowly in zombie thriller style along the front of Arrecife to Club Ococo to party until 6am in the morning.

Any zombies are welcome, there is a theme of doctors, surgeons, nurses if you need some idea of a costume. The make up artist will “zombie” children under 10 years of age free, otherwise it costs €5 or you can make yourself up. The walk along the Avenida del Reducto will commence at 9pm making their way through to Calle José Antonio. Half way along El Reducto the zombies will engage with the military! The batucada group Menuca Caña will accompany the procession too.  read more »

Camel House Concerts

Camel_House_Concerts Sir Ernest Hall, the well known businessman and musician, has been spending much of his time in Lanzarote for over 20 years.

When the 300 year old ruined camel house next to his own property in Mácher came onto the market, Sir Ernest knew straight away what he wanted to do with it:

“The minute I saw the double height sitting room, albeit buried in horrible décor, I knew I would buy it and I knew it would be a concert hall.”

Camel House Building Camel House Entrance

That dream is now very close to fruition, thanks to the organizational skills of Paul Crossley, the artistic director and his partner John Brakband. We met with Paul and John at The Camel House and they showed us around and explained the plan for this year’s concerts. Paul is a concert pianist himself and he and John split their time between their homes in Oasis de Nazaret and London.  read more »

Carnaval Costa Teguise 2010

CARTEL_CARNAVAL_2010_WEB Teresa Menzel, a young resident from Costa Teguise won the poster competition to promote this years Carnaval in the municipality of Teguise.

The design has already been printed and is currently being promoted at the FITUR (Feria Internacional de Turismo) stand in Madrid. The date for the carnaval parade (cabalgata) in Costa Teguise is Saturday 27th February 2010.  read more »

Konsierto, Tias, 23rd January 2010


Those Nauty Boyz are playing in a concert again at the weekend, this time the event is Konsierto and the date Saturday 23rd January 2010. Also performing on the night are:

The Skatoons

La Terka Apalea

Carnival Sick

Tumanome Lakaska

Placaje 4x4

The venue is El Pavón which is opposite the Sociedad in Tías, entry is €1.50 and the music starts at 9:30pm until 2:30am. Proceeds from the concert will be donated to SARA.  read more »


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