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Our Annual Fiesta Guide to Lanzarote shows the dates celebrated througout the year with links to more detailed programmes.

This book is a great guide to Puerto del Carmen: The Camel Guide to Puerto del Carmen and Tias

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English cinema in Lanzarote 3rd & 6th August 2015

The only movie in English next week is the newly introduced "Ant-Man" which will be shown in 2D at 19:40 on Monday the 3rd and Thursday the 6th of August at Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife:

Ant-Man Cinema Lanzarote

Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang (played by  read more »

English cinema in Lanzarote 27th & 30th July 2015

The same movie repeats in English but at the other cinema in Lanzarote for next week.

VO 27 y 30 julio

Multicines Deiland in Playa Honda at 19:50 on Monday the 27th and Thursday the 30th of July: Terminator Genesis.  Once more  Arnold Schwarzenegger takes up the role of Guardian in the latest Terminator movie. In 2032 John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back in time to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke). When he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be and he  sets out on an unexpected new mission: reset the future. Sounds a bit like Back to the future meets Terminator, doesn't it?  read more »

Candlelit Classical Concert 25th July 2015

A candlelit open air classical concert will be held at Charco de San Ginés in the capital of Lanzarote on Saturday 25th July at 22:00. cartelconciertoenvela_2015

Performed by Orquesta Clásica de Lanzarote, a previous concert of this kind was very well attended by both residents and tourists.

The theme of this particular concert is in honour of seamen with historical scene from Lanzarote. It’s 1762 and two British privateers Lord Anson & Hawke have attacked the port in Arrecife with a hundred men. The island fights back against the pirates with the cannons from San Gabriel Castle. Lord Anson is shot and killed by Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Monfort which causes the pirates to withdraw.

Homenaje al Hombre del mar Concert Programme

1.- La Hazaña de Teniente Coronel Monfort
Compositor: Ayoze Rodríguez. Solistas: Orquesta, Trompetas y Coro  read more »

Whats on in Lanzarote: October 2015

3rd October: XXIII Travesía a Nado El Rio


The annual swim from Lanzarote to La Graciosa is on Saturday 3rd October 2015. Registration has closed with 700 swimmers already registered.

3rd October: Concierto de La Cueva


Lanzarote’s classical orchestra will be performing in the Cueva de Los Verdes on Saturday 3rd October at 21:00. Tickets €20. More info: cueva-de-los-verdes-concerts-2015  read more »

Fiestas del Carmen, Puerto del Carmen 2015

The dates for this year’s Fiestas del Carmen in the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen have been confirmed as being celebrated from the 30th July to 9th August 2015.  read more »

English cinema in Lanzarote 20th & 23rd July 2015

There is a new movie available in English at the cinemas in Lanzarote for next week on Monday the 20th and Thursday the 23rd of July.


Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:35 : Terminator Genesis.  Once more Arnold Schwarzenegger takes up the role of Guardian in the latest Terminator movie.  read more »

Fiestas del Carmen, Playa Blanca 2015

The Fiestas Nuestra Señora del Carmen have started in the holiday resort of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.


The Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of fishermen, the Fiesta del Carmen is celebrated around the various harbours of Lanzarote each summer. The programme started at the weekend with various sports and card competitions. The majority of events take place at the fairground situated by the bus station in the centre of Playa Blanca.

Fiestas de Nuestra Señora del Carmen Playa Blanca 2015

Saturday 11th July

10:00 Triyaiza Run

17:00 VI Torneo de 3x3

19:00 Draw and start of the Campeonato de Envite in the Recinto Feria

Sunday 12th July

11:00 VII Travesía Bahía Playa Blanca

18:00 Campeonato de Bola

20:00 2nd phase of the Campeonato de Envite

Monday 13th July

19:00 Exhibition of Aerobox, Jiu-Jitsu from Escuela Mencey

20:00 Draw and start of the Campeonato de Chinchón

21:00 Play Back de Mayores de Yaiza followed by Karaoke

Tuesday 14th July

20:00 Draw and start of the Campeonato de Ronda

21:00 Latino and line dance exhibition from Aaron’s Dance group  read more »

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