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Lanzarote, So Good They Named It Twice!

Did you know that there is another place called Lanzarote? Other than the Lanzarote we all know so well in the Canary Islands, there is also a Lanzarote in the municipality of Tepotzotlán in the state City of Mexico, Mexico.

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La Santa

When I think of La Santa two things come to mind – Sport and Surf. Situated just down from Tinajo on the North West coast of Lanzarote, the sea is very strong and has fantastic surf, for those with the experience to handle it!

Heading to La Santa from Famara and through Soo the road stops at La Costa, a small collection of houses on the edge of the Parque Natural del Archipiélago Chinijo which stretches along the coast North to Risco de Famara and covering the La Graciosa islands. The view here is spectacular with the pale sand and empty coast stretching for miles, and the deep blue waves with white surf rolling in.

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Castillo San Gabriel, Lanzarote

Arrecife has two castles, Castillo San Gabriel is the one situated right in the centre of town on the end of the main shopping street Leon y Castillo. The castle was originally a wooden fortress, built in 1573 to defend Arrecife from pirates and attacks from North Africa, unfortunately it was destroyed by fire a few years later by the pirate - Morato Arráez.

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When you search on the internet for information about Famara in Lanzarote, you will find pages (and pages) of photos and information on surfing, but read on, there is so much more to Famara than a surfers paradise.

road to famara 

Famara is situated on the North West coast of the Lanzarote, it is accessed by a long road, I didn’t measure it on this visit, but I am told that its 15km long!  read more »

Lanzarote Road Names

Lanzarote Road Map

Below is a list of the LZ road names and descriptions for Lanzarote, and a link to a map:




Punta Mujeres

Punta Mujeres is a small (non tourist) village on the coast in the North of Lanzarote. It is very picturesque, wandering along the front reminds me of quaint Cornish villages until you stumble upon the Spanish bars and restaurants to remind you that you’re in Spain.

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Lanzarote Salinas

Lanzarote had 26 salinas at its peak in the 1940's, there are many disused salt pans around the island with 3 sites still in production, situated at Janubio near Yaiza, Los Agujeros at Los Cocoteros and El Río the foot of the Mirador del Río, all that remains of a thriving export industry. The salt was used as a preservative of fish and meat before refridgeration was invented.  read more »

The King's House, Costa Teguise

The King’s house (Residencia de los Reyes) is situated on Calle Real, right on the coast at the end of the promenade in Costa Teguise. The house, La Mareta, belonged to King Hussein of Jordan who offered it as a gift to Don Juan Carlos in 1991 and now belongs to the Patrimonial Nacional, but it is available when ever the Royals or their guests want to use it.

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