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Castillo de Santa Bárbara, Teguise

Mount Guanapay The Castillo de Santa Bárbara sits high up on Mount Guanapay overlooking Teguise, the old capital and the island of Lanzarote. King Felipe II ordered the castle to be built by D. Sanco de Herrera in the 16th Century as a watch tower to help protect the islanders from pirates and privateers such as Sir Francis Drake who was known as El Draque (The Dragon) to the Spanish.

Teguise through the doorway It is rumoured that a tunnel connects the castle to the town of Teguise below and that the islanders could go to ground when invaded.  read more »

La Villa de Teguise

Leon 3 TeguiseTeguise or La Villa as its known locally, was the capital of Lanzarote before it moved to Arrecife in the mid 18th century. The town has some incredible buildings, cobbled streets and lots of history. Teguise is known by many for the Sunday market, which is huge and if you’re only going to one market during your holiday, it should be this one. Visit Teguise on any other day, maybe not a Monday as this tends to be the standard day off, and you will find a charming place to wander around with some really interesting and individual shops. Teguise was declared a village of historic and artistic heritage (Conjunto Arquitectónico Histórico-Artístico) in the 80’s by the Spanish government.  read more »

Timelapse Video of the Canary Islands

This short video three minute video entitled ‘Canarias Timelapse’ has some beautiful shots of the dramatic scenery around the seven Canary Islands, using short and fast video during a complete year. Lanzarote is featured with the Mirador del Río view to La Graciosa and the Salinas de Janubio. The video is part of a programme made for public television in the Canary Islands and a collaboration between the Gobierno de Canarias, Cabildo de Tenerife, Cabildo de Fuerteventura and Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

A Quick Guide to Non-Resort Places in Lanzarote

Here’s a very quick run down (including photos) of places you should investigate on your travels around Lanzarote:


Arrecife Beach Many visitors will shy away from venturing into the busy capital of Lanzarote. Where else can you find a busy city with a beautiful beach?  read more »

Puerto del Carmen, The Strip

A very short update with two photos to show you what the new Avenida de las Playas (The Strip) in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote looks like if you haven’t seen it yet!

The Strip 2  The Strip 1

The strip has been completed from the Fariones to just past the casino and it looks great with lovely wide pedestrian areas, trees, a cycle lane and one way traffic.

The Strip Update - Jan 09

Sculptures, Arrecife

It’s amazing wandering around Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote as to just how many sculptures you can find, it is also home to the MIAC - Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, located at the Castillo San José, over looking Puerto Naos in Arrecife.

The Parque Islas Canarias is situated next to the Gran Hotel on the front.

Parque Islas Canarias 1 Parque Islas Canarias 3 Parque Islas Canarias 2  read more »

Puerto del Carmen, Harbour Extension

Puerto del Carmen has suffered with “men at work” over the last 6 months with the main “strip” being updated and then the old town and even the harbour was having a new extension. We’re pleased to report that the Avenida de las Playas, or “The Strip” as its known locally is clear, it was a rush job for the Carnival but they did it, and its ready for Ironman in a couple of weeks. There is still some disruption in the old town, with traffic diversions on the main roads, but it will be worth it in the end!

From afar  Promenade slopes  read more »

If you only have 1 day in Lanzarote, what should you see?

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There are a rising number of visitors who want to explore Lanzarote but have a limited time in which to do so, these visitors are either on a cruise or island hopping around the Canary Islands. I was asked the question recently - what should I see in Lanzarote? This is a difficult question to answer, what indeed should people see to give them a taste of Lanzarote and show them why it is different to the other Canary Islands. I talked to Miguel about this and we couldn’t agree on the which areas would characterise Lanzarote, so here are our suggestions for you, depending upon the amount of time you have, you will need to hire a car!  read more »


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