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Lanzarote Holiday Offer - Puerto del Carmen Carnival

Update: This sold out within 24 hours, but if you're interested in coming to the island for carnival, get in touch and we'll find you an alternative.

We’ve come up with a cracking offer for anyone looking to have a cheeky week in the sun and enjoy Europe’s best carnival here in Lanzarote. This year, Puerto del Carmen’s carnival is from 2nd to 5th March, and it’s a simply amazing time to be on the island. Sashay to the drum beat, sink Cuba Libres and listen to the island’s fabulous live music!

Carnival 1  Carnival 2

Arnival 3  Carnival 4  read more »

Holiday Reading For Your Kindle

I’ve been enjoying my Kindle for years, but since we started travelling, Jules has taken to the plastic book as well. Although she prefers paper books when she’s at home, carting 4 or 5 around, with limited luggage weight allowance, made no sense, so for travelling, she’s a Kindle user too.

IMG 4265

We use the basic model, and unlike a tablet, you can read them in bright sunlight, but there are also versions with a backlight, which are great if you want to read in bed without disturbing anyone else.  read more »

Lanzarote Holiday Offer - Lanzarote Palm

We’ve found an amazing offer to share with you at one of Puerto del Carmen’s newly refurbished complexes - Lanzarote Palm. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 25 at 14 25 00

Lanzarote Palm is brilliantly located right in the centre of Puerto del Carmen, and a short walk from the main beach, shops bars and restaurants. We’ve stayed there and thoroughly enjoyed it. The apartments are spacious and very modern, and the pool area is stunning. There is a poolside bar, large reception, a mini mart, laundry room and a buffet restaurant on site, although the rooms are fully equipped for self catering.   read more »

New Jewellery Collections From Chevere JR

Chevere JR, the long established jewellers in Puerto del Carmen are showcasing their latest collections for people looking for Lanzarote inspired Christmas gifts.

Cactus Collection


The Cactus collection consists of pendants and bracelets featuring jewelled cactus plants and lava stone.  read more »

Another Family Ripped Off In Lanzarote Villa Scam

I was distraught yesterday to learn another family has been ripped off with the holiday villa scam.

Screen Shot 2016 12 18 at 12 59 31

They had booked from the UK to arrive tomorrow morning for a ten day stay in a villa in Puerto Calero. They had booked a hire car through us, and contacted me yesterday because they were having trouble getting a response from the villa company they had booked with to confirm arrangements to meet at Lanzarote Airport. 

As soon as I saw the website they had used - luxurycanarianrentalsdotcom - I knew they had been scammed.

These websites pop up very quickly, are often based in Eastern Europe, although they purport to be based here in Spain, and appear in many different guises. As fast as one is shut down, another can pop up with a different domain name.   read more »

Mini Golf In Puerto del Carmen

The Mini Golf on the top floor of the Biosfera shopping centre has reopened, and we know many people will be pleased to hear it!

MiniGolf ©JamesMitchell MIT29394 CW1

For a start location wise It doesn't come much better than the Rooftop Biosfera. The panoramic views ware particularly amazing, with  a crystal clear ocean view.

MiniGolf ©JamesMitchell MIT29390 CW  MiniGolf ©JamesMitchell MIT29426 CW1  read more »

What's A Canarian Style Christmas Like?

Many of our visitors over the Christmas period celebrate the festive season in the same way they do at home, but we’re often asked how Canarians celebrate Christmas, and it’s a little different to what you might be used to.


December 22nd

It all starts off with “El Gordo,” the massive Spanish Christmas lottery. Almost everyone will buy a ticket, or a share of a ticket,for this huge event. also known as lotería de Navidad. Various draws take place during the day, and the winning numbers are chanted on television and radio by children.  read more »

Ten Reasons To Have A Winter Holiday In Lanzarote

We’re not really a seasonal destination, but it is true that most people choose to come here in the summer months, so we thought we’d share some reasons to book a winter holiday in Lanzarote, for those of you who might not have considered one previously. We’ve just returned to Lanzarote from a few days in the UK, and trust me when I tell you it was great to be home!

January  read more »

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