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Have you checked your insurance policies lately?

Do you just renew your insurance policies each year without giving thought as to if the policy is the right one for you, or if you could get a better deal?

Jennifer Cunningham Insurance offer a friendly and professional service on the island, they can help you with all sorts of general insurances including policies for your car, house, business, pets as well as life and travel protection. Don’t struggle trying to communicate with Spanish speaking insurance companies, you can arrange your policy and get assistance with your claims in English.

Have a look at your insurance policies today, check their renewal dates so that you have time to ensure you have the right cover in place at the best premium.

Many of us took out house and contents insurance policies with our banks when  read more »

Wellness Fair Costa Teguise 2013

The annual wellness event and 8th edition of the Feria del Bienestar will be held in Costa Teguise on Saturday 20th April.

Wellness Fair Costa Teguise 2013

The event will be situated in Pueblo Marinero in the centre of the resort on Avenida de Islas Canarias from 10:30 to 14:00. This year there will be classes for the public to join in which include pregnancy yoga classes, an introduction to holistic health, energy massage demonstrations and relaxation with Tibetan bowls.

Programme Feria del Bienstar

10:30 Fair opens

11.00 Judo exhibition from  read more »

Christian Worship Centre in Playa Blanca

Visitors and residents in Lanzarote are very welcome to join Pastor Victor Hardwick at the Christian Worship Centre Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote.

Pastor Victor and Jean Hardwick

Pastor Victor Hardwick with wife Jean have been leading the Christian Worship Centre in Playa Blanca since Edna and Patrick Hayes retired in January 2013. It was the Hayes who having lead services in Puerto del Carmen since 2000, established the Christian Worship Centre in the resort of Playa Blanca in 2004, the couple remain valued members of the church.

Sunday Service is held at  read more »

Highlander Too - Weekly Resident Groups

The Highlander Too in the old town of Puerto del Carmen are starting two new weekly groups, aimed at residents from Monday 11th February 2013.

Highlander Too Parent & Toddler GroupHighlander Too Knit & Natter

A Parent & Toddler Group will hold their first meeting from 10:00 to 12:00 and then every following Monday. In the afternoon from 16:00 to  read more »

Healing with colours in Lanzarote

If you recall I wrote an article on Reiki and Lanzarote. The power of Lanzarote’s colours in association with Reiki Healing – Having a Health Holiday.

Sunset in LanzarotePalms in Lanzarote

Well I was sat reading the Daily Mail the other day when I stumbled across an article concurring my previous thoughts on Colour Healing – unfortunately Lanzarote was not mentioned on this occasion; but time will tell!

In my previous article I wrote about how Lanzarote’s colours inspire Reiki Healing. From the colours of the red and gold earth, the sun, through to the palm trees and the sky... So all you have to do is look! Using your vision to embrace the colours of the Lanzarote environment allows you to  read more »

Poinsettia For Christmas

It’s tradition in our household since living in Spain to have a poinsettia plant as part of our Christmas decorations.

Pink PoinsettiaStandard Poinsettia

I’ve just been to Flower Power in Mácher this morning to buy ours for this year, I normally don’t deviate from the beautiful red variety but this year I was tempted by this gorgeous bright pink one from the range of varieties available for sale. Once we’ve seen in Christmas, New Year and Kings I will plant the Flor de Pascua / Poinsettia out in  read more »

SARA Owned Cats Sterilization Campaign

SARA, the Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants in Lanzarote, is performing a sterilization campaign with a difference. Although SARA has been performing sterilization campaigns since its inception to feral cats (unowned), this time the campaign its aimed at "owned cats."


Due to the current economical climate, the financial priorities of owners with regard to their pets may change, but SARA, aware of the importance of sterilization in the cat population of Lanzarote, is making an effort to combat the unconscious reproduction that occurs on the island, which results in unwanted litters and the primary cause of abandonment. Therefore, in order to reduce these potential abandonments and in trying to raise awareness of the benefits of sterilization, they have organised the following campaign.

SARA wish to encourage cat owners who  read more »

British Consulate Open Days November 2012

Please note that these dates have since been postponed until the New Year with apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. New dates announced January 2013.

British Consulate helps residents to get informed in the Canary Islands.

Maria Leng

Have your friends told you that you can get medical treatment at the health centre in the town where you live just by showing your UK-issued European Health Insurance Card?

That if you were thinking of going back to the UK, you’d have to wait at least 6 months to access NHS health care?

And that you need to have worked 15 years in Spain to be entitled to a Spanish pension? 

Are you one of the thousands of “swallows” recently arrived to the Canaries, escaping the cold UK winter? And have you been told that your European Health Insurance Card will cover everything from ongoing hospital treatment to repatriation back home?

Well things might not be quite as they seem - the statements above are all false.  Don’t listen to misleading rumours, come and hear from the experts. The British Consulate is holding a series of open events throughout the Canary Islands, to offer advice on  read more »


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