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Tax Resident in Lanzarote

In 2012 the Spanish government passed legislation that required any foreign person resident in Spain to declare assets held abroad totalling in excess of €50,000 euros or £44,000 pounds.


The legislation was brought in by Royal Decree Law 1558/2012 and published in the Official State Bulletin BOE-A-2012-14452 on the 24th of November 2012 to prevent tax evasion, carrying heavy penalties with a minimum fine of €10,000 euros if the Modelo 720 (Declaración informativa sobre bienes y derechos situados en el extranjero) was not completed, or submitted incorrectly.

Residents were initially required to make the declaration about their assets (with total value over £44,000) owned outside of Spain at any time during the year 2012 including bank accounts, property, shares, insurance policies etc during 2013, even if they had been disposed of, or transferred before the 31st December 2012.

The first asset declaration had be presented between the1st of February and 30th April 2013. Foreign residents in Spain need only present a subsequent one between the 1st of January and 31st of March, if their assets abroad increase by more than €20,000 euros £17,000 pounds in the year, in relation to their former declaration.

There are many British people who spend time living in both the UK and Spain, your tax residency is defined by  read more »

Costa Teguise Health Centre Has Moved

If you’re a patient at the doctors surgery in Costa Teguise, the Centro de Salud has moved over the weekend from C.C. Los Charcos to a new location in C.C. Teguise Greens.

Servicio Canario de la Salud

The old centre was too small to cope with the demand of residents now living within this area and as yet, work has not begun on the new site outlined which will be next to the secondary school I.E.S. Costa Teguise.

From Monday 24th February 2014, patients will now find the surgery on the  read more »

Voting in Spain in the European Parliamentary elections

The Spanish deadline for registering an intention to vote in the European Parliamentary elections is Thursday 30th January. If you are a British resident in Spain you can have your say, provided you take action by the deadline.

British Embassy Madrid

The Spanish government has provided the following information (translated by the British Embassy) that residents may find useful:

“Applications to express an intention to vote may be carried out in several ways:

- In the case of citizens who received a communiqué from the Electoral Registry Office (Oficina del Censo Electoral) in November 2013, the only requirement is to fill in and sign the formal statement included in the communiqué and then send it to the relevant Regional Delegation of the Electoral Registry Office. In the event the Electoral Registry Office should also have the person’s Foreigner Identification Card Number (NIE), then that person may also go online to express the intention to vote, through the link  read more »

Buy discounted vines & learn how to maintain them

Do you have bit of land and have been pondering what to do with it? Have you always fancied growing your own wine? Now is your chance.

venta de vines

The “Servicio Insular Agrario”, or  the Island’s Agricultural Service, under their campaign “Venta de plantas” (selling plants) are accepting request to buy grapevine plants at a low price. The deadline to present the request is the 31st of January, 2014.

Anybody interested in purchasing a minimum of 100 units should either complete the form attached below and email to,  or call 928 83 65 90 ext 11 / 27 / 44 or in person at the “Granja Agrícola Experimentnal”, the Experimental Agricultural Farm between 8:00 and 14:00 from Monday to Friday before the end of the month.

The varieties available are:  read more »

Seek out the Embassy's new social media channels and get more out of living in Spain

British people living in Spain can now use two new social media channels to engage with fellow residents, as well as to find news and advice from the Embassy and its partners who support Britons abroad.

@BritsliveSpain new twitter channelBrits living in Spain new Facebook channel
The new channels - ‘Brits living in Spain’ on Facebook and @BritsliveSpain on Twitter – let residents search for and share useful tips and experiences, thus enabling the 800,000-strong British community to better help each other and make more of Spanish life.

The launch by the Embassy of these social media channels coincides with the first official visits this week by the new British Ambassador Simon Manley to Malaga, Alicante and Barcelona - and ahead of visits to the Spanish islands in the coming weeks.

Mr Manley said:  read more »

The Camel Guide to Relocating to Lanzarote

Many of our readers hope or want to relocate to Lanzarote one day, and for that reason we’ve put together a book which will help them.


The Camel Guide to Relocating to Lanzarote is the first in a series of guidebooks we plan to produce for tourists and residents and it’s available as both an E Book and a 133 page paperback.

The information in it is a distillation of 13 years experience on the island and four years worth of writing articles about Lanzarote. It’s packed full of useful stuff like:  read more »

  • Paperwork, residencia and NIF numbers
  • Getting children enrolled in schools
  • Where to shop like a local

Karen's breast cancer charity trek

Karen Sorensen is well known to many residents following frequent visits to family here during the last 16 years. Karen is heading out to Vietnam in 9 days time to complete a fund raising trek for two breast cancer charities.


This is not Karen’s first charity trek, she has already undertaken several including the Negev Desert, The Great Wall of China and the Inca Trail at Machu Picchu to help children suffering from cerebral palsy. Having being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, and because of other recent circumstances, her subsequent charity treks have been in aid of Breast Cancer Care and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The Hill Tribe Trek heads deep into the heart of North Vietnam, participants are taken well off the beaten track through  read more »

Reiki Course with Carlos Sánchez

Carlos Sánchez is on the Board of Directors at The Reiki Alliance, he will be holding a Reiki Course in Lanzarote during October.


If you’re interested in learning how you can use Reiki in your daily life to help yourself and others, this is the course for you. The First Degree Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho course will be held at Kalyana in Tías.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal life energy  read more »


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