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Chris at British Dental Clinic Lanzarote I have recently under gone some dental work after a run in with an opal fruit left me with only half a molar filling where there used to be a full one.

I have an unfounded fear of dentists which adds to the problem as I only ever go when I am in need of urgent treatment rather than scheduling regular dental check ups.

However in this instance I was quite lucky as the tooth in question was a previous root canal filling so I had no nerve and consequently no pain in this now oddly broken tooth and filling.

I phoned to make an appointment with Chris Albery at the British dental clinic in Tias and realized that it had indeed been quite a long time since my previous visit. Chris later told me my notes had been resurrected from the missing in action list of long forgotten patients! As I had a few days to wait before my appointment I decided to take my teeth to the local dentist nearby for a quick review. There I was told to my horror that a major construction would be needed complete with a porcelain crown at a cost of 800€. Thereby intrigued with this quote I then visited a well advertised international clinic in Arrecife where I was told the same work would be 1400€!  read more »

International Blood Donors Day

Yesterday, 14th June, was actually the International Blood Donors Day.


Every year, a different country hosts World Blood Donor Day. This year, Barcelona, Spain hosted this celebratory day with the theme: New Blood for the World.

This global campaign is especially focused on Young Donors. It hopes that a new generation of idealistic and motivated voluntary unpaid blood donors will form a pool that provides the safest blood possible for use wherever and whenever it is needed to save life. In events and activities around the world, youth was the focus of the day.

Here in Arrecife there was a beach festival as part of the ongoing publicity drive to raise awareness for the necessity of new blood donors in the Canaries.

Stage Playa El ReductoThe event was organized by the Instituto Canario de Haemodonacion y Haemoterapia who co-ordinate blood and its derivatives supplies throughout the Canary Islands. Their aim is to keep the local blood banks at optimum levels for regular post operative and chronic illness uses as well as having a sufficient supply in case of accidents and trauma.

Even in these days of huge medical advancement human blood cannot be manufactured and is only available via donation.

The mobile transfusion van was at the site today and plenty of people were donating on the spot. It is a painless, simple procedure taking only around 15 mins.  read more »

Watsu in Lanzarote

What is Watsu you might ask as we did when Stef contacted us, read on to find out as its now available in Lanzarote.

Watsu Therapy In a Nutshell:

Watsu: a massage in 3D

Watsu is a relaxing aquatic therapy. The movements are combined with soft stretching in the warm water. In Watsu we use the lightness of the body in the water to decompress the vertebras, to mobilize the joints and to stretch the muscles in a new way, free from gravity. You will feel half a dolphin and half an astronaut. The soothing effect of the warm water, together with the greater freedom of movement, influence our being at different levels, helping rebalance our body, mind and soul.  read more »


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