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Discover the secrets to a happy life in Spain

British Embassy news release: Discover the secrets to a happy life in Spain - new survey on value of integration

Ambassador urges British residents to follow the example of those who are most content

Some of the secrets to happy living in Spain are revealed in a new survey by the British Embassy on how expatriates adjust to a life in the sun.

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Integration into the Spanish way of life is the key, the survey reveals. More than half of the British residents who responded say they speak Spanish regularly with friends and neighbours, enjoy Spanish food, use the Spanish healthcare system and employ Spanish tradespeople.  The adjective ‘happy’ is the word that they most commonly use to describe their lives in Spain, followed by ‘relaxed’ and ‘content’.

But some Brits admit to getting by without learning Spanish or registering on the padrón, and fail to make Spanish friends or keep up with Spanish news and politics, all things that appear to help others get more out of living in Spain.

Almost 1600 people responded to the British Embassy’s ‘Integrometer’ online survey into levels of resident integration.  Two-thirds live in  read more »

Calendario Laboral 2016

The official holiday calendar for Spain has been confirmed with the publication of the BOE.


This year there are eight national public holidays which will take place across all of Spain, only the 6th January was classed as a flexible fiesta day but all communities have elected to keep Reyes/Kings for 2016.

1st January  (Año Nuevo)  read more »

Ten Myths About Living In Lanzarote


It’s always sunny and hot!

It does rain during the winter here, and we do get cloud from time to time. It can even get chilly in mid winter – as low as 15 degrees! What we don’t get is any extreme weather at all. It’s rarely too hot, and almost never too cold – just warm and pleasant, whether it’s January or July. Put simply, we do have the best weather in the world!

Nobody works very hard

Another common myth which simply isn’t true.  read more »

Average Briton Has Unrealistic Expectations Of Retirement

New research by life insurance and pensions company Aegon suggests that most Britons expect to live a far more lavish lifestyle in retirement than their pensions savings will allow.

The report, a survey of over 4,000 British workers (the third in a series of surveys conducted over the last 12 months) discovered that the average Briton expects to retire at age 63, with an annual income of £42,000. In reality, the average savings within the sample group were expected to yield a retirement income of just £11,400 - less than half the UK average wage of £26,500.

Sun Park

Despite comprehensive changes to the pension system in recent months, and the expansion of auto-enrollment, most British workers were unaware of a number of key relevant facts concerning the performance of their savings, the level of state pension payments they would be entitled to, and how best to maximise their retirement income.

Using Aegon’s “Readiness Score” (which combines information on current savings,  read more »

Drinking Water From Your Tap In Lanzarote

The water here in Lanzarote comes from a desalination plant, so its basically filtered sea water. In almost all cases, the water is then stored in an Aljibe, or well, in your house or apartment complex, before being delivered to your taps via an electric pump.

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You can imagine why everyone drinks bottled water, which is generally pretty cheap here!

But there is a huge downside to it – the stuff is heavy! Even for a couple, you’ll probably need 25 litres a  read more »

A Day In The Life Of Lanzarote Information

A reader asked us recently if we’d write about a typical day in the life of the Lanzarote Information team, so we thought it would be fun to select a random day, and map out what we were up to.

There are only three of us – Jules, myself, and our head of security, Louie the dog.  We’re based in the office in Haria, although we have other writers who work from Tias, Puerto del Carmen and La Santa.

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First Thing

Julie and Mike

We get up fairly early, around 7AM, and the first batch of work is usually a catch up from the previous  read more »

Lanzarote School Calendar 2015-16

Today marks the return to school for many children in the Canary Islands.


Educación Infantil & Primaria schools will return on Wednesday 9th September 2015 and Educación Secundaria & Bachillerato on Monday 14th September 2015. The fiesta days and school holidays for Christmas and Easter 2015-16 have been confirmed for Lanzarote as:

Fiesta Nuestra Señora de los Volcanes: 15th September 2015  read more »

Agency for Employment and Local Development

If you’re unemployed and looking for work in Lanzarote, you can register with your local council, who will pass on your details to private companies looking for employees.

Lanzarote Jobs

Anyone who would like to be registered on the Agencia de Empleo y Desarrollo Local (AEDL) scheme as looking for work should visit their local ayuntamiento to complete a form.

Contact details of Lanzarote’s Agencia de Empleo y Desarrollo Local offices by municipality:  read more »


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