Spanish Playing Cards, How to play Chinchon

Spanish Playing Cards clubs (bastos) This is a great game to play with all, you need the Barajas Españolas (Spanish playing cards) and of course good Spanish food and wine.

Chinchón is a game for 3 or more players; you need one pack of cards for each 4 players. The object of the game is to score the lowest possible points. Each card is equal in points to its number, the jack, horse and king are all equal 10 points each as well as the joker which is also a wild card and can be played as any card.  read more »

Review - Success in Spain

Success in Spain is a series of Audiobooks that have been launched on the mainland by our friend Graham. The books are a must for anyone considering moving to Spain or The Canaries, and are full of useful information that will save you both time and money.


Here’s what you get with the series:  read more »

Silbo Gomero

Have you heard of the language Silbo Gomero? Its the whistling language from the Canary Island of La Gomera. The language was devised to overcome the problem of getting messages across the peaks and valleys of the island and there were concerns that it would become extinct. Following a campaign to protect the language UNESCO has now declared the Silbo Gomero a protected language.

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Book Review - Driving over Lemons

If you discount some work with Rough Guides, then Driving over Lemons was Chris Stewart’s first book, and it’s a cracker! Take an author with an interesting background (First drummer for Genesis, itinerant traveller, sheep shearer and one time circus performer) and drop him with his family into a dilapidated farm in Andalucia and you have all the ingredients for a rib tickling read.  read more »

Corpus Christi Salt Carpets, San Ginés, Arrecife

La Voz de Lanzarote took some great photos of the brightly coloured 'alfombras de sal' (salt carpets), and the church procession at the Corpus Christi event in San Ginés, Arrecife, Lanzarote at the weekend:

More information on Corpus Christi and Lanzarote Salt.  read more »

Translation of Place Names in Lanzarote

I admit it, occasionally I have to use a translator to help me with some of the Spanish news articles.  I have been amused by some of the names of places in Lanzarote, when they are translated, here is a selection of the less obvious ones, including of some of my favourites!  read more »

Corpus Christi, Salt Carpets, 14th June 2009

Although Corpus Christi is no longer a fiesta in Lanzarote, it is a tradition that continues and can be seen around the island. One of the best places to see these colourful ‘alfombras de sal’ (salt carpets) is in the small streets surrounding the church San Ginés behind the Ayuntamiento in Arrecife. The locals will work out in advance what their design will be and use the vibrantly coloured sea salt to create the picture.

DSCF0873  DSCF0865  read more »

Los Diabletes de Teguise,

La Villa de Teguise have a traditional costume known as the little devils of Teguise (Los Diabletes).

los diabletes   diabletes teguise_diabletes  read more »


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