Petrol Stations in Lanzarote

For first time visitors to Lanzarote, you may be wondering how to fill up your hire car at a petrol station.

I remember when we first arrived on the island we had no idea of how to say what we wanted in Spanish or what to expect when we drove on to the forecourt – we still laugh about it now, we had picked up a hire car for 3 days and asked for twenty pounds worth of fuel at the rate in pesetas back then, it was full at less than half this amount much to the amusement of the petrol attendant.

We recommend Plus Cars for hire cars in Lanzarote, they don’t have any hidden charges on top of the rental price such as fuel surcharges, the car is supplied with up to a 1/4 tank of fuel and you are asked to return it about the same level. There is now a petrol station at the airport so if the fuel gauge is showing nearly empty, stop here before driving on to your accommodation.

When you arrive at the petrol station, make sure you know which side of the car the fuel cap is located, where the release button is and if your car is petrol (green pump) or diesel (black pump).

Check before you fill up if the petrol station takes debit / credit cards, this facility is more common now but for some it will be cash only. ¿Puedo pagar con esta tarjeta? = can I pay with this card?

If late in the evening you may be required to pay first before being authorised to fill the car. Typically petrol stations are open from 08:00 to 22:00 each day.

Road La Geria to Uga The majority of petrol stations in Lanzarote have a fuel attendant, they will walk around to the drivers window and ask how much fuel you want to put in the car and take your keys if they required to open the fuel flap. Very few speak English, the easiest way is to ask for them to fill the tank, this is simply “lleno por favor” (pronounced: yeno por fabor). You simply sit in the car and enjoy the service.

If you are at a self service station  read more »

Spanish Lessons For Foreigners In Teguise

Teguise The Ayuntamiento de Teguise announced this week that they are launching Spanish lessons for foreigners that live in the municipality. The council said that there are more than 5,200 foreigners living in the Teguise area according to their statistical information and they would like to help them integrate into the community.

Anyone interested should call 928 845 001 extension 243 between 08:30 – 13:30 from Monday to Friday until the 17th December 2010, alternatively you can email

The courses will start in January 2011  read more »

Free Spanish Lessons in Lanzarote

OMAE puerto del carmen The Oficina Municipal de Atención al Extranjero (OMAE) is a local office for assistance to foreigners and part of the Consejería de Bienestar Social y Familia of the Ayuntamiento de Tías.

Amongst their services they offer free Spanish lessons divided into 3 levels on Mondays & Wednesdays, either in the morning or the afternoon, as follows:

Beginner: 9-10 am or 4-7 pm

Intermediate: 10-11 am or 5-6 pm

Advanced: 11-12 am or 6-7 pm

They also offer beginner courses in other languages:  read more »

Canaries Day Celebrations Begin

Día de Canarias got under way early at all schools in Lanzarote today.

Día de Canarias Chicos Día de Canarias Chicas & Chico

In the secondary institute in Teguise there was a display and tasting of local foods and goods from each of the islands including a small stall from La Graciosa.

In the primary school in my small town of Tahiche there was a lovely traditional parade known as a Romería.

With hankies in hand we set off to watch and accompany the children on their procession through the main street of Tahiche.

They all looked so fantastic in typical Campesino dress; the girls in a colourful array of traditional skirts, blouses and hats and the boys in their somber fedoras, suits and waistcoats.

<Samsung i7, Samsung VLUU i7> Día de Canarias Romería Tahiche  read more »

A Taste of Spain 2010

A_Taste_of_Spain_2010 The first of three Taste of Spain 2010 exhibitions take place in Liverpool on the 10th & 11th April. If you’re missing Spain and fancy a day out, there’s regional food, music, dancing, wine, surfing, football on offer and much more.

Fuerteventura & Lanzarote - Practice your surfing skills in the Surf Simulator area

Salou & Port Aventura - Taste olive oil & wines from Costa Daurada Region

Madrid - Taste a selection of the Spanish capital’s cheeses, olives & wines

Andalucía – Try the sherry with live music and dancers from Pena de Camarón de la Isla Flamenco band  read more »

Intercambio, Are you learning Spanish / English? 9th April 2010

Are you English learning to speak Spanish or Spanish learning to speak English and living in Lanzarote? Ian from the Puerto del Carmen office of the Lanzarote estate agency Estupendo has organised for a night of Intercambio, this is where you mix with others learning or looking to practice their languages in a relaxed atmosphere.

It promises to be a good evening as Bodegas Stratvs have donated cases of their award winning wines for tasting, that should make everyone a bit more fluent!

Spanish English

Apender Ingles con Intercambio!

¿Usted tiene gusto de practicar el hablar de inglés?

Viernes 9 abril 2010…. Desde 17:00 Café La Perla Rosa, Marina de Puerto Calero

Entrada libre Y tambian hay cota de vinos!

Venga y ensamble en la conversación y haga a los nuevos amigos

Por mas informacion - El gratis y divertido manera hablar Ingles  read more »

Mother's & Father's Day

When living abroad it can be hard to remember the dates for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as they fall in different months around the world. Baby Feet When we moved over to Lanzarote we took the decision to stick to the Spanish dates to celebrate these occasions, but it can be awkward for parents back home not to be remembered on the dates in the UK.

To avoid any confusion and make sure all mums and dads are remembered on one of these days, here are the dates for both the UK and Spain for 2010 & 2011:  read more »

Belén's in Lanzarote

Belén HaríaThis past week has seen the majority of the belén’s unveiled in each municipality of Lanzarote, these nativity scenes mark the start of the Christmas festivities and many inaugurations are combined with the switching on of the Christmas lights and a Christmas concert. (Photos of Haría’s belén 2009).

My favourite is consistently the belén of Yaiza and if you’re only going to see one in Lanzarote, I would strongly recommend that one. I haven’t seen this year’s belén in Yaiza yet, but to give you an idea of the quality and size please visit local photographer Dani’s blog post Belén de Yaiza by Dani Stein which shows the stunning belén from 2008.

There is another large belén in the Parque Ramírez Cerdá on the front in Arrecife which opened on the 14th December, this year made by the Hernández Fuentes family and based on a traditional market scene. The belén covers an area more than 200m2 and was constructed using recycled material, to give the impression of authentic stone walls they’ve used wood covered with cork and then added mud. The nativity figures have been borrowed from the Iglesia de San Ginés and there are some surprises such as a rooster crowing. This is an enclosed belén and viewing is from 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm.

Nativity scene Shepherd boy close up  read more »


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