7 Tips To Help You Finally Learn Spanish

We quite often post job adverts which require various levels of Spanish, and the comment I see most commonly is “If only I could speak better Spanish." And I know from talking to British and Irish friends living here, that many are frustrated at not being able to speak the language better.

Unfortunately, the way we traditionally learn a language as a grown up is to learn the mechanics of it – how to conjugate a verb, how tense works and so on. But think about how children learn their language for a moment – they don’t know or care about how it works, their only interest is in getting the message across. And once they can do that, they learn the correct way of speaking by being gently corrected by the people around them.

In other words, they learn by listening, copying, getting it wrong and then being corrected!

Apply the same to learning Spanish as an adult, and you could be onto a winner. The key is in exposing yourself to as much Spanish as you can, then “having a go." And just like when you were a child, people you speak Spanish to will gently correct you.

If someone walked up to you and said “Where will be shop close for purchasing food?" You would know exactly what they wanted, even though almost everything about that sentence is wrong. In the same way, when you speak like that in Spanish, people WILL understand what you are saying! All you have to do is spend as much time a possible listening to Spanish being spoken, then start to try to speak it. Just like you did when you were a child learning English.

Here are some tips that will help: read more »

Read a Spanish newspaper at least once a week

Free Spanish Language Workshop for Residents

The Cabildo de Lanzarote have announced a new "Taller de Español para Extranjeros" (Free Spanish Language Workshop for Residents) aimed at foreigners over the age of 18 residing in the island.

Español para Extranjeros in Lanzarote

The 30-35 hours (approximately) course will start next September and will run until December. Similarly to before, the lessons will take place in different venues across the island like Arrecife, Playa Honda, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, twice a week during the morning or the afternoon, depending on the demand and the location you wish to attend. They will inform you of availability when read more »

Free Spanish Classes in Costa Teguise

The Cabildo of Lanzarote have announced a free Spanish language course for foreign residents in Costa Teguise.


Registration for the Taller de Español para Extranjeros’ en Costa Teguise has opened and classes will be held in the mornings from July until September in the municipal offices based in Costa Teguise.

The initiative is organised by the Participación Ciudadana to help foreign residents with everyday life in Lanzarote so that they can improve their Spanish speaking and listening skills. Aimed at people over the age of 18, you should already be able to understand simple sentences. The course covers everyday situations such as transport, getting a job, shopping and making a doctors appointment.

Classes will start on the read more »

Spanish Course For Foreigners, Oct & Nov 2012

We announced news of the free Spanish courses organised by the Cabildo for residents in Lanzarote back in August.


Anyone who registered an interest then should have received an email with the details of how to register your place on a course, if not here are the details.

Download the form attached below, complete and take in person to the Cabildo in Arrecife. When you arrive, go to the machine in the waiting area on the left, press the button for registro and wait your turn. Take a seat at the desk called and they will process your form, giving you a stamped copy back. Please note, there are limited places available and allocated on a first come first served basis.

The classes will be held twice a week through October and November in three locations: read more »

Free Spanish Lessons in Tías and Puerto del Carmen

Please note! We've been asked to state that these classes are now full thanks to the interest from our readers. Apologies but there are no places left.

The Ayuntamiento de Tías have brought back the free Spanish lessons for immigrants in Tías and Puerto del Carmen.

The courses have just started at the end of February and there are still places available in all levels:

tíasIn Tías on Mondays and Wednesdays:

16:00 - 17:00 basic

17:15 - 18:15 intermediate / advanced

In Puerto del Carmen on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

9:00 - 10:00 basic

10:15 - 11:15 intermediate / advanced

These language courses include approximately 32 hours of tuition so will run until June/July more or less.

If you are resident in any of these two towns and want to avail of this free services, please fill in the attached form together with your NIE / Residencia and take them to the following addresses: read more »

Canarian Proverbs

I have always liked proverbs in different languages and I just came across an interesting post on a Facebook group called "Orgullosos del Léxico Canario".

Orgullosos del Léxico Canario

They are an amusing glimpse of the Canarian’s outlook on life. I have translated some of them the best I could:

"Con ortiga y tomillo , te llega el pelo a los tobillos" = With nettles and thyme, your hair will reach your ankles. It could come in handy if you fancy giving the Rapunzel look a go.

"Cuando el mirlo vuela bajo, hace un frío del carajo"  = When the blackbird flies low, it's really, really cold. Most likely the poor bird is flying as close to the ground as possible to benefit from thermal properties of our volcanic islands!

"En Abril no hay papa chica, ni higo ruin" = In April read more »

Teguise Offer Spanish Course For Foreigners

Teguise Ayuntamiento are starting a new four month Spanish course for foreigners living in Lanzarote.

Escuela de Hostelería

The classes will start on the 1st February at the former Escuela de Hostelería on Calle Rafael Alberti in Tahíche, students will be divided into small groups of basic and intermediate levels. These courses includes three to four hours per week over four months until 28th May 2012.

The project is aimed primarily at adults to help them integrate into the local community. Beginners will learn the basics with an emphasis on local culture, where as intermediates will have more practical help such as writing a CV, describing health issues to a doctor, paperwork at the council etc.

Basic classes are read more »

Spanish Brand Names

‘What do we need?’, said Robin as we collected the shopping bags.


‘If we’re going to the Hiperdino, we need Bimbo, Skip and Tulipan’, I replied. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve absorbed Spanish brand names into our lives. The Hiperdino is a chain of supermarkets. Bimbo is a brand of bread, Skip is a washing powder and Tulipan (Spanish for tulip) is a low fat spread.

There are some useful words and amusing pronunciations. The Spanish pronounce the chocolate spread Nutella as read more »

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