Desenvuelta - The new way of shopping... the old fashioned way!

"Desenvuelta" means unwrapped and essentially this shop in Lanzarote, sells a selection of products "a granel" or unpacked.

DesenvueltaDesenvuelta Window Display

I had heard about this shop opening in Arrecife towards the end of last year and I thought it was an interesting concept, but I wasn't too sure how it worked. So I finally decided to check it out.

Desenvuelta tara on containersDesenvuelta coffee

Basically you can either bring your own  read more »

Chevere JR March Offers

Local Jewellers Chevere JR are displaying a range of items using polished lava and semi precious stones in their shops currently.


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Food Shopping Like A Local In Lanzarote

We’re often asked by people staying in villas, or those who are planning to be on the island for several months: “Where do locals do their food shopping?”

The resorts are populated with small supermarkets where you can get most of the essentials, but they are relatively expensive and lack a good range of products, so you won’t find residents shopping at them. We also don’t have huge hypermarkets in Lanzarote, so getting everything you need in one place isn’t always an option. That means that we need to visit several places to get the best of what we’re looking for.

It calls for some organisation, so we try to write a menu plan each week, and from that we can produce a shopping list. We’ve adopted the Canarian way of eating, which means we hardly ever used pre prepared foods, and enjoy fresh produce all the time, with each meal prepared from the base ingredients. It takes time, but food is an important part of life here!

Typically our weekly shopping will look something like this:

Fresh meat, fresh vegetables and salad – Congelados Roper

Roper Exterior_thumb

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Olivine And Lava Jewellery

Chevere JR produce some of the most fabulous hand made jewellery on the island, and some of their best uses lava rock and olivine, which both occur natural here and in other volcanic regions. The semi precious olivine’s striking green colour contrasts beautifully with the dark lava, and silver is often used as an additional element.

Here are some example’s of their work:

Chevere 1

The semi precious olivine’s striking green colour contrasts beautifully with the dark lava,  read more »

Maceys Lanzarote

Maceys is a quality British supermarket based in Tías, Lanzarote offering a fabulous selection of your favourite brands and products from the UK.

Maceys LanzaroteGeoff & Sue Lockwood

Established in 2009, Maceys are situated on the high street in Tías, which is a central location for residents and visitors to stock up on food, toiletries and gift items that you miss from home.

The difference with Maceys is one that you can taste, as this supermarket only stocks British sourced goods, as opposed to Spanish made British goods. Although they can look the same from the branding, they are a different recipe to the ones we know and love. A good example of this is Cadbury’s chocolate and one of the reasons why their range of confectionery is very popular with residents.

Ready Meals at Maceys in LanzaroteConfectionery at Maceys

Fresh dairy and refrigerated goods are shipped to Lanzarote each month, regular customers know the “Pork Pie Friday” message means that the new delivery is in stock. Shoppers can find  read more »

Chevere Christmas Sale

Regular visitors to the island will know Chevere JR – they have a shop on the main Avenida in Puerto del Carmen and another in Avenida Maritimo in Playa Blanca.

Chevere 1

Established in Lanzarote for more than 20 years, they specialise in hand made jewellery using local volcanic lava, the olivine gem stone and silver, creating some stunning pieces for use both as jewellery and ornaments. They have an exclusive hand made collection for Christmas – perfect for any special occasion.

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Stockazo 2014

Note: This event has been suspended due to the storm

The discount shopping event Stockazo will take place on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th of November in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

Stockazo 28 & 29 Nov

The event was originally planned to be held last weekend 21st & 22nd of November but was postponed until the following one due to the rain alerts. Unfortunately this now clashes with two other main events on the island, the Lanzarote Marathon and the Festival Gastronómico Saborea Lanzarote.

Approximately 80 shops will be participating in the second edition of Stockazo, after the success of the event last year. Discounts of at least 30% must be offered off the original price during the shopping hours of 10:00 – 22:00 on Friday and 10:00 – 14:00 on Saturday. From 14:00 on Saturday there will be the Hora Loca, where shops can increase the discount offers on their goods for a crazy hour.

A children’s play area with a child minding service has been organised in  read more »

Lanzarote Natural & Vive Tinajo

Lanzarote Natural is a family company founded by Daniel Lasso who’s grandfather Domingo Lasso was an entrepreneur by establishing the “Almacenes Lasso” in Arrecife back in 1922.


You might have seen the Lanzarote Natural product range for sale in some of the wineries on the island including cosmetics: moisturising creams, handmade soaps, bath salts and food products: mainly salt.

These products are made with local produce like aloe vera, volcanic sand, cactus, wine, goat’s milk and of course, salt. In fact their gourmet “Flor de Sal Volcánica” range was successfully launched last year. It includes  read more »


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